Costa Rica – Pura Vida

Beach in Costa Rica
The beach right off our resort.

It has taken me awhile to write this post for a few reasons.  First, I was busy returning to work helping plan and coordinate a fashion show while simultaneously coming down with a terrible cold.  Also, I just had a hard time facing reality and the cold after the perfect honeymoon in Costa Rica.  If I ever win the lottery (which is impossible since I don’t play) we will most definitely be purchasing a vacation home in Costa Rica.

Christmas decorations at the resort.
The resort had Christmas decorations everywhere!

We decided to take our honeymoon months after the wedding because why leave home in summer when you only get a couple nice months of weather out of the year?  Naturally we wanted to go somewhere warm in winter, not in August.

At first I thought we would go over Christmas but after researching prices, flights, etc I found that the week before the holiday would save us a lot of money.   (Hindsight – this was ideal because the day we left our resort the Christmas crowd was invading and the resort was about to be fully booked).

Brilliantly, this plan also allowed for us to have our first Christmas not going to 8+ holiday parties/gatherings.  Don’t get me wrong, I love family and friends but this will probably be the only Christmas ever during which we were able to relax, enjoy each other, and not have to constantly be in the car driving to the next event.  Merry Christmas to us!

This year Alex and I had two quick immediate family Christmases before the vacation and two after, the joys of having divorced parents.  We flew out of Milwaukee and surprisingly all of our flights went smoothly.  The flights went smoothly; unfortunately the fried chicken at the Atlanta airport on our return flight did not flow so smoothly from my stomach (vomiting on plane = gross).

Enjoying the pool.

Every dinner was amazing.
Every meal was fabulous!

We arrived in Liberia, Costa Rica at a small airport and quickly caught our ride to the Westin Golf Resort.  I gripped Alex’s arm so hard during the scary fast and windy drive I believe he had bruises but we arrived safely to be greeted with mojitos at check-in.

This started the most absolute perfect honeymoon we could ever have wished for.  Pool, drinks, sun and we’re a happy couple.  Incredible meals, gorgeous scenery, and fun excursions and we barely made the flight home (seriously) because we didn’t want to leave.

Night picture

Some of the best memories of the trip;

  • Sunset Catamaran Cruise – This beautiful boat ride included snorkeling, drinks, and we were only one of four couples!
  • Spa Day – We enjoyed facials and massages.
  • Ziplining in the Rain Forest
  • Hot Springs

Catamaran Cruise

Vacationing with my husband is the best. We always seem to agree on exactly what to do each day.  We make sure to get different appetizers, entrees, and desserts so we can try each other’s food too.  I’m sure you understand the other bonus points of romantic vacations.

Costa Rican Sunset

Pura Vida!

(Orignally Published Jan. 19th, 2015)

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