Three Months Old

3 months old

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How is Cora three months old already?

Size comparison with elephant

At the end of this month we are starting to finally see an end to the colic stage.  At night the fussiness is beginning later but still ending at the same time.  Don’t get me wrong, evenings are still super rough but it is getting better.

That being said Cora is the best sleeping baby ever – I hope this never changes! The girl sleeps through the night and then some.  I am often up for a few hours before her in the morning and able to get things done around the house.

Cora still randomly pukes up an entire meal about once a day.  She often has a huge smile on her face after vomiting all over me that it almost seems as if she is doing it on purpose.

Kick 'n Play

The smiles are becoming a lot more frequent and it is fun to see Cora starting to understand that swinging her arms and hitting objects can cause them to move and/or make sound.  Her Kick ‘n Play was a great investment, she plays on it multiple times a day! Cora likes this playmat a lot more than the bouncy chair – she typically only tolerates the chair for up to 10 minutes at the most.

Now that I am working two days a week Cora has been taking bottles like a champ from everyone but me so my worries about her not eating all day have subsided. We’ll see how she does during our upcoming 12 hour drive to Wisconsin.

P.S. We finally found a sunhat that fits Cora’s freakishly small head!


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