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8 Months Old

8 Months Old

Wedding Season Movies

Wedding Movies

‘Tis that time of year . . . wedding season! To help you get pumped for all the upcoming bridal festivities I made a movie guide of my favorite wedding movies.

My Sister’s Wedding and a Wisconsin Trip

My younger sister just got married in an absolutely beautiful wedding to her high school sweetheart.  I loved every minute of celebrating her marriage, except for the whole feeling nauseous part – damn pregnancy symptoms.

Doesn’t she look like a model!

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. DeSmidt!

I want to write down every detail of our amazing wedding weekend so we won’t forget how perfect everything turned out.   Our wedding was incredibly special for the two of us; I am by far the luckiest girl in the world.

Tuesday – Wednesday

Alex and I both managed to leave work early Tuesday afternoon to get the car packed up.  Somehow, Alex always manages to fit everything into our vehicle and we are still able to see out the back.  Despite my pre-wedding nightmares I did manage to remember my dress, shoes, and our birth certificates.  We stayed in Brandon, SD that night and Benny did the best he has ever done staying in a hotel – no barking, he ate his food, and actually let us sleep until morning before he needed to go outside.   


In the morning we drove first to Green Bay to pick up a few of the guys’ tuxes that happened to be ready early.  Then we drove to Sturgeon Bay to stay the night because we had an 8 am appointment to get our marriage license.   We ate dinner at Waterfront Mary’s because we were able to take Benny with us – we would definitely recommend if you are looking for a very casual, dog-friendly, bar and grill right on the water.

Beer Cheese & Brat Soup at Waterfront Mary’s

Seriously – Everything was working out exactly how we had hoped it would.

Bridal Shower & Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

 (To the tune of “My Favorite Things”)

Baking utensils and great looking napkins

Fluffy white pillows and damask styled aprons

Red casserole pans, a dish for a ring

These are a few of my favorite things