Ommm . . . Yoga Pose

Yoga + Mehgan = good fit?  Who Knew?

Not me, that’s for sure.  I have always liked my workouts like I like my music, upbeat and fast.  Zumba is the logical choice for me because I get to shake my lady-parts while dancing to fun, fast, and current music.  I love Zumba and it is one type of exercise I’m actually really good at.  I tend to pick up on dance sequences very fast. Zumba class isn’t a competition but if it was I would be the winner (not to brag or anything).  Unfortunately, my gym moved across town to a terrible location and none of the other Zumba classes in this city work with my daily schedule.  Total bummer.

Since my gym moved I used that excuse to really slack on exercise.  I made some goals (I hate the word resolutions) at the start of the new year and included to set an exercise schedule that I could actually stick with.

I tried yoga for many reasons;

  • No Sweat

In winter I do not want to go to a gym, get sweaty, shower for a second time, and then get in my freezing car to go home.  I can do yoga anytime in the comfort of my living room FOR FREE and I don’t break a sweat.

  • Timing

Because of my new job I don’t have to be to work until 9.  This means each morning I can take 10 -30+ minutes to exercise before work.  No excuses!

  • Attitude

I have never been a morning person but this regime helps me wake up gradually.  I also now remember my drive to work each day because I am more awake after yoga – much safer.

  • Body

I haven’t seen any weight loss yet but my flexibility is slowly creeping back to where it was in my teen years, lucky Alex.


I am using the 30 Days of Yoga YouTube videos by Yoga With Adriene.  The instructor usually starts the clips with a little statement to roll your eyes to but after that it is a very beginner-friendly great start to your day.  This series has just the right amount of variety and repetition.

So I guess we’ll see how long this lasts.  I am hoping I will stick with it.


(Originally published Feb. 12, 2015)

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