Wisconsin Road Trip

A 12 hour road trip with a 3 month old and a 100 lb dog, are we nuts?driving buddies

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Before Cora was born we decided that instead of traveling back to Wisconsin for a visit while pregnant we would wait until she was born to make the trip.  During pregnancy my insanely swollen extremities would not have fared well on the super long drive.  I’m also sure waiting until Christmas for Cora to meet the extended families would have been met with objections.

new shower
Alex constructed this entire shower from scratch.

Little did we know we would be moving back to our home state around the same time as the planned meet-the-baby picnic turning this vacation into a quick trip of house hunting.

Alex and I got only 4 hours of sleep the day before we began our journey because we decided to put our house on the market the day we left Rapid.  Alex worked up until the very last second on the shower the night before.  We are the King and Queen of Procrastination but the shower turned out amazing!  We had a goal of leaving by 11:00 am and after all the dusting, scrubbing, and vacuuming we only left one hour after our planned departure – pretty good timing for us!

The drive went surprisingly well.  I would pump while Alex drove and then I would take over driving during which Alex would feed Cora the bottle.  When the baby would get fussy this musical toy was an absolute godsend.  Towards the end of the day colic kicked in and Cora refused to take a bottle from me so I contorted my body over her car seat to breastfeed (yes, I was still buckled). I do not stop driving for anything but gas.  The “journey is the destination” saying is bullshit, the destination is the destination and I want to arrive as soon as possible.

Benny and his cousin.
A moment of peace between these two.

Thankfully, my sister lives in Rochester and was gracious enough to let us crash on the way to and from Wisconsin.  We got to see their new house and meet their new puppy!  Tara cooked us a delicious dinner even though we didn’t arrive until 9 pm (stupid time change).  After the eight hour drive Benny was not a fan of the puppy and refused to play until he got a good night’s sleep.  The Beast did manage to teach the pup how to jump on furniture and drink from a toilet within minutes of our arrival – whoops!

We arrived in Wisconsin and were able to meet up with some family members before the party because we knew we wouldn’t get much time at the picnic with our parents to catch up and give them some extra time with Cora.

Cora with her daddy.

On Friday, Alex and I drove to Madison to begin house hunting. We got a huge reality check.  Houses don’t make it to market before they are sold, the ones that do have multiple offers over asking price, and we can barely afford asking price.  We thought our house would have gotten an offer by this time but no such luck causing our spirits to dampen further.  Only seeing two houses would have been a waste but we were able to drive around checking out neighborhoods.  I didn’t get off campus much during my time in Madison so the trip was educational.  In hindsight, Alex and I should have spent more of that day enjoying being baby-free for the first time since Cora was born.

Saturday was Cora wearing sunglasses. the day of the meet-the-baby picnic.  We wanted a super casual picnic that people could just drop in for whatever time they wanted if they were free.  Although not a baby shower, so many people unexpectedly still brought gifts.  Cute outfits galore!  We greatly appreciate the thoughtfulness of our guests, Cora is already incredibly spoiled.

I think the picnic was successful with the only major downfall being the extreme wind – apparently we brought it with us from Rapid.  Cora got to meet a ton of family and even a few friends popped in. I will say that each woman who held Cora kept adding more blankets to her thinking she was cold. I was completely ignored when I said she is a very sweaty baby and she runs hot, but what the hell do I know – I’m only with her every day?  Seriously, at one point Cora was bundled up like an Eskimo baby.

Besides the wind, the only other issue was when Benny took a chance at freedom and made a mad dash for the water to go swimming.  He was successful and thus landed Alex in the doghouse.  I told Alex that if Benny was coming to the picnic I did not want to have to be responsible for taking care of him at all.  Alex dropped the ball (in this case the leash).

Thank you to everyone who came to the picnic.  Although we weren’t able to catch up with everyone to the extent we wished, our small family will soon be at many more family functions.

   Wish us luck selling our home!

Cora sleeping while driving.
Such a long drive, so sleepy.

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