When in Rome

Sylvan Lake at Custer State Park

My Aunt Sara was exactly right when she told me that it takes about a year to adjust to a new place, especially when you consider it a downward move.

This year was a rough adjustment when I moved to South Dakota. I was so happy to be reunited with Alex but let’s face it, no one dreams of moving to South Dakota. I took a huge pay cut (teachers’ salaries are nothing to brag about in the first place), I missed lakes a lot, and everything just seemed to move a little slower here.  My biggest complaint is that it is so expensive to fly in and out of this town.  I definitely took for granted living near large, international airports before.

After a year, I’m much more positive about my surroundings. There are a few benefits I’ve found while living in Rapid City. The school year ends before Memorial Day, awesome! I certainly don’t miss mosquitoes and traffic here is a breeze. I love our home and neighborhood. Downtown Rapid City has some great restaurants, shopping, and free entertainment. There are free outdoor movies in the summer, ice skating in winter, and you can usually find live music. But the 12 hour drive back to Wisconsin is horribly boring and I’m still not a fan of country music.

I am looking forward to living in Rapid City for the next few years and hope that for all future moves Alex and I are able to move at the same time to a place we both desire.

(Originally written May 25, 2013)

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