Weekly Meal Plan & Grocery List #1

Weekly Meal Plan

I hate meal planning.  I think after being a Foods teacher for five years I just became burnt out with making extensive grocery lists constantly.  I thought if I saved the links to recipes I use often and type up a grocery list then I can reuse the information in the future.  Why reinvent the wheel?

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Grocery Shopping List

Monday – Pesto Gnocchi

I use the recipe out of this cookbook and it tastes so good!  This gnocchi is extremely simple to make and a very fast meal.  I probably use more fresh mozzarella than it calls for.  Also, the fresh green beans at our local grocery store are usually terrible so I typically get a frozen bag and cook them in the microwave first.  The recipe is basically gnocchi with grape tomatoes, green beans, fresh mozzarella, in a pesto sauce.

Tuesday – Fish, Biscuits, and Mixed Veggies

I select the pre-breaded fish fillets at our grocery store and then just pop them in the oven for the allotted time.  When in a time pinch I grab a box of this biscuit mix because they are a perfect compliment to the fish.

Wednesday – Omelettes and Hashbrowns

Every week we tend to have at least one breakfast-for-dinner meal when we are feeling lazy.  Make an omelette with whatever you have in your fridge – I chose ham, cheese, tomato, and chives.  I love these hashbrowns!  Never will I use frozen hashbrowns again.

Thursday – Beef Enchiladas and Mexican Rice

Instead of beef, I use whatever meat Alex has stockpiled in our freezer.  This week I used Venison.  I like this recipe for the enchiladas; the only changes I make are that I shred the meat and I don’t include jalapenos. Plus, I use larger tortillas.

Friday – Pulled Chicken Sandwiches, Fruit, Pasta Salad, and Cornbread

I cheat and get this packet of seasonings.  I actually prefer this boxed pasta salad over homemade, instead I just add in extra ingredients of my choosing.  I do make the cornbread from scratch but a box mix would do fine here.

Saturday – Shrimp Pasta

We always have raw shrimp in our freezer, it is a household staple.  Then add any pasta and extra ingredients you want.  I tend to include sun-dried tomatoes and spinach.  Other options could be bacon, chicken, etc.  Any sauce you want works as well.

Sunday – Leftovers or Go Out


Weekly Dessert(s)Oatmeal Creme Pie Cookies

*WEEKLY TIP* – I always use parchment paper when baking, it makes is so easy for the cookies and biscuits be removed from the baking sheet(s).


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