Visitors for Cora

It’s official – Alex, Benny, and I are chopped liver.  No one cares about us anymore, it is all about Cora.

Meeting his granddaughter

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Just kidding, but sometimes it feels like it.  For instance, my dad, sister, and brother-in-law just made the trip out to Rapid to see Cora in-person for the first time. As soon as my dad walked in the door he picked up Cora, took her into another room, and held her for 30 minutes – hello to you too dad!

But in all sincerity, it was so nice to have the family come visit.  I was really looking forward to having some adult interaction and getting to enjoy the awesome weather.

On Friday, the group arrived and got their initial snuggles in with Cora.  We then took a long walk to stretch their legs after being in the car for eight hours.

Since it was Cinco de Mayo I had prepared guacamole, cornbread, rice, and pork carnitas for supper.  The boys ran out and grabbed some margarita mix so I was able to have my first drink in a long time – I think I finished a quarter of the glass.

It was so nice out after dinner that we had a fire outside to relax on our outdoor furniture.

First outdoor fire

Saturday started with all the guys participating in a charity bike ride while Tara and I did laundry, made a batch of cloth wipes, and took care of Cora.

Cora puked
Someone puked all over her aunt!

Main Street Square

When the men came back we decided to check out Fruhlingsfest at Main Street Square.  Thankfully, there was a breeze because it was over 80 degrees outside (in May!). The beer helped cool down the gentlemen while Tara and I stuck with hard cider.

Following the festivities we headed over to the Firehouse for more beer and appetizers to watch the Derby on television.  We all placed $3 bets just based on name alone, none of us won.

Drinking on babysitting duty.

That night we watched a movie and went to bed early after all the sunshine.

Hiking Skyline

Everyone was going to head out by noon on Sunday to get back to Rochester at a reasonable hour so we spent the morning hiking.  We hiked on the Skyline Wilderness Trail – one of Alex’s big projects for the city.

It was another hot day and we soon realized we have no hat that will fit Cora. Unfortunately, Cora has inherited my freakishly small head.  I carried Cora in a front carrier that worked extremely well for breastfeeding (yay for multi-tasking mamas) while holding up Alex’s baseball hat to block the sun.

Our last stop was Dinosaur Park to grab some root beer floats and hot dogs. My dad loved how cheap everything was, I lost count of all the food he purchased.

It was sad to see the group go but we’re glad we already have a Wisconsin trip on the books for June when we will see them all again.

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