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Let’s face it, my body wanted a baby 5 years ago.  The whole “ticking clock” was/is very much a physical reality for me.  Financially, emotionally, and logically I knew it was not the time in my life for an infant but my body craved a child.  Thankfully, my head tends to win all arguments over my emotions, so instead I got a dog.

Best idea ever! Getting Benny really helped me stave off my need for a baby.  I only hope that when this actual baby arrives he/she is as easy to take care of as Benny was as a puppy.  Benny never chewed a thing he wasn’t supposed to and he even potty-trained himself in one day!  Somehow I don’t think our human child will be as unproblematic.

Picture of Benny as a puppy
Benny – Easy Puppy

After our wedding last August that ticking clock started getting louder.  Once again, my logic overruled my body and I decided to wait to start trying for a baby until after our honeymoon in December.  Obviously when going to an all-inclusive in Costa Rica I wanted to be able to drink and zipline.  Together, we decided to start trying as soon as the new year began.  My definition of start trying and Alex’s seemed to differ.

I am a planner, always have been, so when I get excited about something I throw myself into research.  While Alex just wanted to have fun and thought a pregnancy would naturally occur when it happened, I went about the task by gathering knowledge and tools to accomplish the goal as fast as possible.

I hope my research helps you get pregnant as fast as you want to!

TTC Toolkit

Prenatal Vitamins

My doctor recommended that as soon as I went off birth control pills to start taking prenatal vitamins.  I was already in the habit of taking a pill every day so it was an easy transition.



What to Expect Before You’re ExpectingBook Cover

I love to read and I probably read this book in its entirety on the plane coming back from our honeymoon.

Most of the information I already knew but I did pick up some helpful hints I had no idea about.

Example – Saliva and lubricants kill sperm so if you are trying to conceive you should use a special sperm-friendly lubricant (*see Pre-Seed below)


Fertility Friend App

Greatest App Ever!  You record your temperature (among other things if you want) every day and the app gives you multiple graphs and tons of data to determine exactly when you ovulate, the best days to have sex, etc.  I even knew the day I implanted because of this app.  The app was easy to use and understand, I couldn’t recommend it more.


Basal Body Thermometer

Basal Body Thermometer
In order to understand when you are most fertile, when you have ovulated, and when you have conceived, you should take your temperature every day at the same time and record it in the aforementioned app.  A regular thermometer will not give you the data you need. Use this thermometer to get the most accurate numbers.


Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Personal Lubricant

Great lubricant for those who might need one and it doesn’t kill the sperm.


Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test

I only had to buy one pack because I just tested myself on the days the Fertility Friend app told me to.  These tests give you a smiley face on your two most fertile days of the month.



Clearblue Advanced Digital Pregnancy Tests

The day my basal body temperature didn’t go down on the day it was supposed to I decided it wouldn’t hurt to take one the tests I already had purchased in advance.  The test read “pregnant 1-2 weeks”; there is no way to misinterpret those results.

Pregnancy Test
There were two tests in the box so for fun I took the second one before my doctor’s appointment.


I realize that plenty of people have gotten pregnant without needing anything in my TTC Toolkit but the items made me feel proactive about getting pregnant and that is all that matters.

My doctor warned me that it usually takes about two months for your cycle to get back on track after going off the pill and he was exactly right.  My cycle went completely haywire for two months, I had one normal month (cried when I got my period), and then the second normal month we conceived!

When you do discover you are pregnant make sure to check out this post on surviving your first trimester.

(Originally published July 19th, 2015)

UPDATE: For my second pregnancy drinking a bottle of vodka over the 4th of July festivities seemed to work just as well!

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