Third Trimester Survival Guide

Every single woman is different.  Also, every pregnancy can be different but I wanted to share my third trimester survival items in case they might help anyone else trying to get through the third trimester of pregnancy.

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Third Trimester Survival Kit

Maternity clothes
Nursing top from Zulily and maternity pants from GAP
  • Maternity/Nursing Clothes

    I was able to hold out until the third trimester to purchase maternity clothing.  I did not want to purchase a lot of maternity clothes because I knew I would only wear them for a few months.  Plus, I would rather spend that money on baby items. When purchasing maternity clothing I tried to stick to selecting pieces I would wear up to a month after giving birth (think stretchy and comfortable) and were easy to nurse in.  Some of my favorite places to find maternity clothing are; GAP, Old Navy, Zulily, and TargetJust make sure to use Ebates first for some extra cash back (see below for details)!

  • Shoes and Compression Socks

With this second pregnancy my ankles and feet became so swollen at times I could barely walk.  During third trimester you may definitely need to buy new shoes to accommodate your new larger feet.  I also benefited from compression socks to help get me through the day at a job where I stand all day.

  • Spa Day

You most likely will not be sleeping well during your third trimester.  Also, you probably are starting to ache all over.  Splurge and indulge in a spa day including a prenatal massage and pedicure.  You deserve it!

  • Humidifier

My husband voted for this item to make the list.  Apparently, during third trimester I become a stuffed up, snoring machine (I am not sure I believe him).  The humidifier helps solve this problem and may keep your husband/partner sleeping in the same bed with you.  Bonus, I am much less itchy when we use it because my skin is less dry.

  • Ebates

With all the maternity and baby items you are currently buying why not earn some extra cash back? I love Ebates, it is so easy.  All you need to do after signing up is search for the store you will be shopping at and then click on the “shop now” button and you will be directed to the store’s website.  It is that simple, Ebates even tells you how much of your total bill you will earn with each shopping trip.  I have already received multiple checks!  If you decide to give Ebates a try please use my referral link.

  • Baby Care Books

Now is the time to brush up on your infant care skills and knowledge.  I like to be prepared for any situation.  Knowledge is power!

  • Netflix

    If you are like me, you may not want to go out as much as you did during second trimester.  You are feeling a little large, tired, and you just want to put your feet up.  Netflix is your best friend – tons of movies and television shows to stream.

  • A great partner

    Hopefully, you have an amazing partner helping you through this pregnancy.  I can’t express my appreciation enough for my husband.  During third trimester the foot rubs and cooking all the meals will save your life.  Being able to deal with your third trimester hormones should earn your partner a trophy!Movie Quote

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