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My Sister’s Wedding and a Wisconsin Trip

My younger sister just got married in an absolutely beautiful wedding to her high school sweetheart.  I loved every minute of celebrating her marriage, except for the whole feeling nauseous part – damn pregnancy symptoms.

Doesn’t she look like a model!

Summer is Flying

I apologize for not writing for a long time but I do have excuses.

Alex's injury
Alex has managed to injure himself a lot this summer.
  1. It is summer and I am trying to enjoy every moment.

I am busier than normal, attending weddings, watching Alex play softball, and going out on more date nights.  So far this summer Alex and I have gone to Summer Nights to listen to bands, we went to the drive-in movie theater, and have hung out with friends a lot.   Summer is not the time to stay in-doors and type.

It’s Here Again!

Oh Summer how I love you.  I’m just a better person all around during this season. Maybe someday I’ll live in a location where I can experience this season for more than three (when we are lucky) months.

Wisconsin Weekend

This was the first whirlwind Wisconsin trip of the summer and it was certainly worth the drive.

Brewer Game


We started the weekend by grilling out with my Dad and some of his friends before meeting up with some of the Pewaukee gang. I am so happy I got to see my Grandpa whose 90th birthday I will unfortunately be missing later this summer.  We also got to catch up with close friends who won’t be back in the country for awhile as they travel to Africa and South America.

Summertime Makes Me Feel Good

This past week felt like summer had finally arrived after all the rain and cold weather we had the previous week. I won’t complain about the rain though since we don’t have a fire ban yet, it just isn’t summer without campfires.

I am getting into the swing of summer by sleeping past 7 am and getting items checked off my to-do list that I never got to during the school year.  I’m also spending time outside reading (for pleasure!) lapping up as much sun as my vitamin D-deprived body can take.