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Happy Halloween

Halloween was always a big deal when we attended UW-Madison.  The holiday consisted of going out Friday in costume, going to the football game Saturday morning, and then going out again Saturday night.  Basically, a full non-stop weekend of drinking and craziness – we were lucky to survive.

Now, we are a little older, our tolerance levels are a lot lower, and my body can’t pull off the slutty costumes like it used to. Never the less we still had a good time.

Halloween 2007
Halloween 2007

Harney Peak Hike

*UPDATE – Now known as Black Elk Peak*

This summer we didn’t hike or camp as much as we usually do – maybe our wedding had something to do with this?  Alex and I decided that we needed to squeeze in at least one camping trip before summer ended so we headed over to Custer State Park.

Summertime Makes Me Feel Good

This past week felt like summer had finally arrived after all the rain and cold weather we had the previous week. I won’t complain about the rain though since we don’t have a fire ban yet, it just isn’t summer without campfires.

I am getting into the swing of summer by sleeping past 7 am and getting items checked off my to-do list that I never got to during the school year.  I’m also spending time outside reading (for pleasure!) lapping up as much sun as my vitamin D-deprived body can take.

When in Rome

Sylvan Lake at Custer State Park

My Aunt Sara was exactly right when she told me that it takes about a year to adjust to a new place, especially when you consider it a downward move.