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Cora's onesie

We have some news to share . . . (*Hint* – Cora’s onesie)

Visitors for Cora

It’s official – Alex, Benny, and I are chopped liver.  No one cares about us anymore, it is all about Cora.

Visitors & Playing Tourist

In July we were lucky to have some visitors from our home state.  First, my Dad came out to visit for the first time since we’ve moved to South Dakota. Unfortunately, I had to work most of his visit but Alex was able to take him around to some of the usual sites.

Mount Rushmore
We always take our visitors to Mount Rushmore – when in Rome!

Date Nights and a Dirty Thirty

The bar scene in the movie makes me laugh so hard!

One of the only benefits of not having the infant we so desperately yearn for is that Alex and I can go on date nights any time we want.

For Valentine’s Day, Alex was so sweet to buy us tickets to one of my all-time favorite movies “Yours, Mine, and Ours” (the original of course – I hate remakes).  The movie was being shown downtown at the Elks Movie Theater as part of the Nostalgia Night Film Series.  I have to admit we were probably the youngest couple in the theater but I just love the movie and the theater even provided a special program giving historical facts about the movie.  I had no idea the film was based on a true story.   I really enjoy learning the history and fun little tidbits about films.

Spring Time

Summer is gradually creeping closer as spring is in full bloom in Rapid City.  Flowers are budding, the temperatures are okay but I’m over the wind, and tonight Alex and I were visited by two fawns.  The deer appeared in our downstairs window as we were watching T.V. and continued to munch on our lawn’s weeds for about 10 minutes.

Benny outside
Benny is spending as much time outdoors as possible