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Family Classic Movies

Below I’ve listed the movies that I remember watching during my childhood over and over again (excluding animated Disney movies – those will come later).

One of my very distinct early memories is of me sitting in my tiny chair eating mini-marshmallows as I enjoyed one of my favorite films.

This guide includes movies that the whole family can enjoy and I wouldn’t mind if my own children one day watched them repeatedly.

Family favorites movie guide


Falling in Love with Love . . .

February is one of the better months of the year because it is the shortest winter month, the Superbowl and Academy Awards are both held during, and I look good in red.  This year there is even more to celebrate in February.   Alex and I have been “officially” together for 7 years and the month also includes Alex’s birthday.

Being that it is the month of love, I thought I would touch on the subject with another movie guide.    The following movie guide is not totally focused on romance but instead on a movie genre I love . . . MUSICALS.  Obviously, love is almost always the main focal point of a musical but the dancing and singing are the parts that make my heart swell.

Mehg's Favorite Musicals

Christmas Movie List

This year the holidays seem to be sneaking up on me quicker than ever before.  I blame the foot of snow we currently have and the freezing temperatures we’ve had all week.  Usually, I like to take one holiday at a time.  I am not a fan of Christmas decorations being out before Thanksgiving.  But “Holiday Inn” was recently playing on television and it got this Grinch in the holiday mood.

I decided to compile a list of my favorite holiday movies to refer to instead of just watching whichever title happens to be playing that evening.  You’ll notice a few films missing from my list that everyone else would include.  I also didn’t rank the movies but instead divided them into categories because I like a lot of variety in my viewing pleasure.  If I watch a classic one night, I like to pick from another category the next night.

I hope you enjoy my list: