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Sports Movies (Family-Friendly)

Sports Movies

With the school year beginning, kids’ sports will be starting up again too!  To get your kids pumped for some physical activity I have compiled a list of some of my favorite sports movies.  For this list I tried to keep it appropriate for all members of the family.  Maybe I will make an adult version in the coming months.

Wedding Season Movies

Wedding Movies

‘Tis that time of year . . . wedding season! To help you get pumped for all the upcoming bridal festivities I made a movie guide of my favorite wedding movies.

Binge-Worthy Television Shows

Between my month-long hospital stay, recovery, and the overall bleakness of winter I have had some time to watch and re-watch a lot of my favorite television shows.  Enjoy!

Family Classic Movies

Below I’ve listed the movies that I remember watching during my childhood over and over again (excluding animated Disney movies – those will come later).

One of my very distinct early memories is of me sitting in my tiny chair eating mini-marshmallows as I enjoyed one of my favorite films.

This guide includes movies that the whole family can enjoy and I wouldn’t mind if my own children one day watched them repeatedly.

Family favorites movie guide


Falling in Love with Love . . .

February is one of the better months of the year because it is the shortest winter month, the Superbowl and Academy Awards are both held during, and I look good in red.  This year there is even more to celebrate in February.   Alex and I have been “officially” together for 7 years and the month also includes Alex’s birthday.

Being that it is the month of love, I thought I would touch on the subject with another movie guide.    The following movie guide is not totally focused on romance but instead on a movie genre I love . . . MUSICALS.  Obviously, love is almost always the main focal point of a musical but the dancing and singing are the parts that make my heart swell.

Mehg's Favorite Musicals