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Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

The holiday season for us is usually a whirlwind of family since both Alex and I come from divorced families.

Now that we’ve moved to South Dakota this time of year has actually become a lot easier.

For Thanksgiving, Alex and I stay in Rapid City and it’s very relaxing .  Never before have I experienced a relaxing Thanksgiving, typically cramming in three or four different gatherings over the span of two days.

I work on Black Friday but at the usual opening time and on Thanksgiving I spend a leisurely day cooking and watching football.  No traveling, no time schedule, and no overwhelming amounts of family time makes me consider keeping this tradition forever.

October Blizzard (yes, that’s right OCTOBER)

This weekend was certainly an interesting one.  All week my students kept saying that we would have a snow day on Friday because of all the snow that we were predicted to get.  As usual, I responded to the students by saying that weather-people are often wrong and to make sure they do their homework because we will probably have school.


Must Love Dogs

Benny at the local dog park; he loves to swim!

We were so happy to host some Madison friends this past week for an overnight on their move out west.  The added bonus was that they brought their amazing puppy with them. This dog is Benny’s mini-me, same expressions and mannerisms, just half the size.

I’ve had Benny since he was just 7 weeks old and I can’t imagine my life without him, he is my child.  I love that Benny sleeps until we force him to go outside in the morning, he loves to swim but still refuses to jump off the dock, and he is perfect every time we complete the 12 hour drive back to Wisconsin.  I will never understand how anyone could not love dogs.

We didn’t want our visitors to leave.
Murray and Benny

(Originally written July 21, 2013)