Surprise Baby Shower

Baby shower guestsOh my gosh – I am so incredibly blessed!  My boss just threw me the best surprise baby shower.

I wasn’t planning on having a baby shower because most of our family and friends live out of state so I figured we would have a “meet the baby” party sometime in summer.  I have to say I am so glad I got the experience of having a baby shower after all.

My boss is amazing.  Not only did she plan and execute this shower without me having any clue, but she is so incredibly busy being a business owner, mom, and wife I don’t know when she had the time to pull this off.

Alex conspired with my boss to get me to the party without me figuring the surprise out.  They planned that I was going to go over to her house to pick up a stroller she so graciously was giving me.  Alex thought I figured it out because the morning of the party I put on makeup and curled my hair – something I would NEVER do on my day off.  What Alex failed to remember was that I had wanted to take maternity photos that morning, hence trying to look a little decent.

Maternity photo
Benny insisted on being in every shot.

Alex said we should go to Lowe’s after picking up the stroller (giving him a reason to be along).  As we pulled into her driveway there were balloons and I thought she was having a party.  I didn’t understand why she would want me to pick up the stroller on a day she was having a party – pregnancy brain is a real thing!

I walked in and was surprised by my boss, co-workers, and Rapid City friends.  At the party there was good food, fun games, and amazing gifts.  Plus, the cake was very tasty!

I am usually not a fan of shower games but the ones at this party were actually fun.  We played a version of the Price is Right with baby items, much harder than you would think.  We also played a game in which Alex and I answered the same questions and the guests had to guess the correct answer.  For example, how many children do Alex and I want? Who will take more photos of the baby, Alex or Mehgan?

Baby shower cakeOpening gifts

The gifts we received were mostly off our registry.  The girls were so sneaky and communicated what everyone was getting but not marking it off the registry so I wouldn’t become suspicious.  The amount of gifts we received was overwhelming, we have the absolute most generous friends!

How incredibly lucky are we to have such wonderful people in our lives!

(Originally published February 22nd, 2017)


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