Summer is Flying

I apologize for not writing for a long time but I do have excuses.

Alex's injury
Alex has managed to injure himself a lot this summer.
  1. It is summer and I am trying to enjoy every moment.

I am busier than normal, attending weddings, watching Alex play softball, and going out on more date nights.  So far this summer Alex and I have gone to Summer Nights to listen to bands, we went to the drive-in movie theater, and have hung out with friends a lot.   Summer is not the time to stay in-doors and type.

  1. We have been busy traveling. 

Alex had an unexpected trip back to Wisconsin to attend a funeral and then we enjoyed an awesome weekend in Nashville with a group of some of our close friends from high school.  I am sure I will detail this better in an upcoming post.

Rainbow from the plane
Alex took this picture on the plane descending into Rapid City.
  1. Most importantly, I’M PREGNANT!

The biggest excuse I have of all for not writing is that we are expecting our first child December 30, 2015.

Being pregnant, I have never felt more lazy in my life and I’m okay with it.  I have officially proclaimed to never cook another meal for the entirety of my pregnancy and so far I have stuck with it.

My to-do lists for my days off have shortened from an average of 8-10 items to maybe 1 or 2.  I also nap now (unheard of for me).

I want to warn you that future posts will include details you might not want to know so read with caution.  Now that I am in the second trimester and not sleeping every single extra second that I can squeeze in I promise to update the blog more often.

This was how we announced the pregnancy to our families.

(Originally published July 16th, 2015)

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