Spring Time

Summer is gradually creeping closer as spring is in full bloom in Rapid City.  Flowers are budding, the temperatures are okay but I’m over the wind, and tonight Alex and I were visited by two fawns.  The deer appeared in our downstairs window as we were watching T.V. and continued to munch on our lawn’s weeds for about 10 minutes.

Benny outside
Benny is spending as much time outdoors as possible

Sylvan Lake

As usual, we spent a leisurely Easter hiking at Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park.  This year there was no snow at all!  Benny even enjoyed swimming in the lake.

Afterwards, I cooked the big meal which (in my opinion) was the best Easter meal yet.  Since there are only two of us we had leftovers for about two weeks.  Thank goodness ham is my favorite meat but the deviled eggs didn’t last longer than a day (I think I ate 10 of them for breakfast the following day – whoops).

Easter Meal

This past weekend Alex got us tickets to the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Rapid City and I quite enjoyed it.  I am not an extreme sports enthusiast.  I think canoeing the Boundary Waters in Minnesota with constant rain is as “extreme” as I will ever get, but the films were really interesting.

I did not like the shorts without any talking but all the others were either touching or hilarious.  My favorite film was titled “And Then We Swam”.   To summarize, two men who had never rowed before decided to row across the Indian Ocean taking four months.  Their commentaries were hilarious and as a non-adventure person myself I could feel some of their pain.  


I am still waiting for my favorite season to arrive – lots of weddings and one planned trip so far.   Summer I’ll see you soon.

(Originally published April 21st, 2015)

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