Snow Day Survival Guide (Adult Edition)

Recently, my house lost power for THREE WHOLE DAYS during a freak October blizzard.  During our time stuck inside we managed to survive and even have some fun, but I definitely realized that if this were to ever happen again I would like to be more prepared.

Here are my suggestions to survive a few days stuck inside without electricity;

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1. Don’t underestimate the weather reports.

There were many weather reports prior to the blizzard stating that we would be getting snow.  Within the past year I realized that our city often calls snow days for absolutely no reason so I didn’t think much about it, especially because it’s October.  I told my students we would be having school the next day, ha joke was on me.

While you have power charge everything to full capacity.  Maybe include charging backup phones in case of an emergency and write down any really important phone numbers.

2. Stock up on food and drinks.

Take a look in your pantry and make a list of all food items you should buy if your electricity goes out.  Peanut butter and jelly gets very boring after a couple of meals.  Remember if your appliances run on electricity you won’t be able to cook anything (unless you have camping equipment – see below).  Then get to the grocery store, preferably before the rest of the town does.

Get a variety of foods.

  • Snacks – popcorn, Chex Mix, granola bars, cookies, etc.
  • Fruit – fresh or canned
  • Veggies – celery, cucumbers, etc.

If you have a source of cooking I would recommend;

  • Just add water foods – soup, oatmeal, pasta, or freeze-dried food packets

Don’t forget drinks!

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Hot Buttered Rum Cider
  • WINE, WINE, and more WINE (or alcohol of your preference)
  • Other drinks to mix it up – Gatorade, Juice, etc.

(*Please note: We still had water but if you might be without it stock up on bottles of water – tons of water.) 

3. Stock up on other essentials.

If you can’t get out of the driveway you certainly won’t be able to run out and pick up any essentials.

Do you have enough;

Having a warm Doodle that loves to cuddle helps too!

Food and water for your animals?



Toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex?



Protection? (Many babies are born 9 months after a snowstorm.)

If you have a baby or child(ren) this list will be much, much longer!

3. Get out the camping equipment.

Never before was I so happy that my family loves to camp and thus we have a ton of camping equipment to use in a power outage.

    • JETBOIL – We used our tiny Jetboil to keep the hot chocolate flowing, to heat up soup, and we even used it to make pasta.

    • HEADLAMPS – I love to read.  Headlamps allowed me to continue to read regular books even after my Kindle died.

  • SLEEPING BAGS – It was cold in our house, super cold and it was only October.  Had it been a real winter month I don’t know what we would have done.

    Trying to not go stir crazy.
  • CAMPING CHAIR – When I started going stir crazy I sat outside in my camping chair to read because it honestly was warmer outside than in the house.
    • PORTABLE HEATER – We didn’t have one during this storm but we do now!

If losing power is a common occurrence I would definitely invest in a backup generator.  Also, in my next house I would love a natural fireplace.

4. Organize your entertainment.

After the blizzard I was at the grocery store and I have never seen more men buying flowers and cards in my life.  I have a strong suspicion that some relationships didn’t fair too well when just stuck with each other for company.  Luckily, I was stuck with my amazing fiance.  My advice;

Try to get somewhere with people you actually like before the storm (I heard many stories of people trapped at work or alone).

Buy more entertainment that doesn’t need electricity.  Do you have regular books? Do you have board games? Do you have a deck of cards? Do you have a battery-powered music player?

Invest in a battery-powered charging station.

Catch up on your sex life.  Take your time, you have plenty of it and it is a great way to stay warm.

I hope you never have to experience loss of electricity but if you ever do I hope my suggestions help. 

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