Six Months Old

Six Months Old

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Baby Girl is now six months old!

On the day before she turned six months Cora finally rolled from her tummy onto her back.  Well, guess what? Now she will never do tummy time because as soon as I put Cora on her stomach she flips over.  So how am I supposed to force her to do tummy time now?

Cora is thankfully becoming more content and a tad less fussy.  Movement and stimulation are still needed a lot but it’s getting better.  We did take a step backwards as she is now waking up twice a night to feed.  Cora was the best sleeper ever and now I guess she just can’t stay full throughout the night.

We did start introducing solids this month.  I started with baby oatmeal and most of the time Cora loves it.  These spoons have been awesome because she loves to chew on them.

Lots of Skyping with Dad this month.

This month Cora has been through a lot.  I was single-parenting it in South Dakota while Alex was in Wisconsin working.  So when Cora wouldn’t go down for a nap I put her in the front carrier and mowed the lawn wearing her.  When Cora wouldn’t stop crying I put her in the jumper and sang at the top of my lungs while I proceeded to pack the entire house.  When Cora started refusing the bottle with the babysitter I made her practice taking one from me every single day.  We toughed the month out together.

The last week in South Dakota was insane.  Thank God my mom offered to fly in to help me out.  I had to finish packing the entire house, say goodbye to all our Rapid City friends, and be the day-of wedding planner for one last job.  Plus, roofers were banging away so we could finish closing on the house.

Alex arrived the Saturday of Labor Day weekend with his dad (Thank you Al!) and managed to fit all of our stuff into the moving truck.  On Sunday, those two drove the entire way to Wisconsin while my mom and I drove to Rochester to stay the night.  Let’s just say the dog was jumping from the rear of the vehicle to the front, we sang “Do-Re-Mi” numerous times, and were running on very little sleep.

In the end, we made it to Wisconsin to stay.  It doesn’t feel like home yet as we are still not living together during the week and we don’t have a house of our own yet. Wish us luck in the coming months!

After you get your 6 month shots you get to take your pants off, watch Moana, and hold your own damn bottle.

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