My Sister’s Wedding and a Wisconsin Trip

My younger sister just got married in an absolutely beautiful wedding to her high school sweetheart.  I loved every minute of celebrating her marriage, except for the whole feeling nauseous part – damn pregnancy symptoms.

Doesn’t she look like a model!

Alex and I arrived in Rochester, MN Friday afternoon a little before our hotel room was ready.  Luckily, my mom had already checked into her suite so I was able to shower and get ready for the rehearsal in her room.  At this point I was shoveling granola bars down my throat every 30 minutes because I was not going to be the older sister who stole her sister’s show by vomiting everywhere.  The rehearsal dinner was at an Italian restaurant, the food was delicious.  While a lot of people went out for drinks, including many extended family members I would have loved to catch up with, I needed sleep.  Pregnancy makes you so tired, plus everyone would have known our secret if I wasn’t drinking.

The wedding day started with the ladies heading to the salon for hair and makeup.  Tara and Keegan had videographers that filmed the entire day.  A short clip of the day was even shown at the reception, I was very impressed.  After the salon the girls headed back to the hotel and got dressed in my mom’s suite.  Unfortunately, at this point we learned that the best man (Keegan’s brother) was not going to make it in time for the ceremony – don’t get me started on the military.  Pushing the ceremony back would have had a detrimental effect on the entire day’s timeline so we all decided to forge ahead.  At the church we all were able to relax for a little bit (except for Tara, she was nervous about fainting).  Good news, there was no fainting by anyone during the ceremony though my arms were about to fall off holding both Tara’s and my bouquets.  The flowers were absolutely gorgeous but super heavy!  Following the ceremony immediate and extended families took pictures outside at the Church and the best man made it in time for family photos.

Next, the wedding party and parents took the trolley to a few spots for more photos.  I failed as a Maid-of-Honor/Wedding Planner when I let the ceremony coordinator shove all the bouquets in a car headed to the reception venue.  Thus, none of the bridesmaids had their flowers for the wedding party pictures.  I felt like a total idiot for not realizing sooner what was happening and stopping the flowers from leaving us.  Oh well, lesson learned.  On the trolley, Alex took on the role of keeping everyone “hydrated”.  Alex did a wonderful job, never in my life did I think I would see my mother “slap the bag”.

Onto the reception, Tara had a hairstyle change – she’s so fancy.  The dinner was incredible but I have to say the best part of the evening was the band.  I may be a little bias as they were also my wedding band.  We danced all night and another crowd pleaser was the video photo booth.  Instead of just taking still photos with props, small groups danced around with props and the slow motion videos turned out to be hilarious.  The reception was held at the Rochester Art Center which was in perfect walking distance to the hotel.  On the walk back Alex and I saw another bride all by herself, I was a little concerned that she was a runaway drunk bride but she seemed totally sober.  The wedding was fabulous my only regret is that I didn’t get to catch up with as many family members as I wanted to.

Yummy breakfast
S’mores waffle – no brainer!

Sunday morning after saying goodbye to the newlyweds (I did end up telling my sister I was pregnant that morning) Alex and I were able to have breakfast with our good friend Laura and her boyfriend.  From the restaurant we took off towards the cabin for a few days of relaxation.

At the cabin we took the boat out, watched some movies, and went to a traditional Wisconsin Supper Club for dinner.  It was definitely nice to be back in Wisconsin and to take a few days to unwind from all the travel and wedding festivities.

Wisconsin Supper Club
So much food!

The rest of the week was spent visiting Alex’s side of the family and we fit in a really quick trip to Madison to see some of our friends.  Of course I made Alex stop at Ian’s – my all-time favorite pizza place.  We sat on the Terrace and Alex had a beer.  Then we were able to see a few of our Madison friends and their new babies.  I miss Madison.

To finish out our trip Alex was a groomsman in our friend Joe’s wedding.  We were super grateful both weddings this summer were on back to back weekends.

My handsome man, I love when he dresses up.

(Originally published August 31, 2016)

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