Shower thy Sister

My sister is getting married in August to the boy next door (literally).  The engaged couple has been together forever and I am so happy that they are finally able to be living in the same city and planning out a future together.

Being the Maid of Honor, I hate the word Matron, I get to plan the bridal shower.  Planning is usually my forte – see blog name, but planning from 12 hours away and only arriving a day in advance isn’t easy.
Tara sitting under a bridal banner.

Another personality trait of mine is that I can be a cheapskate.  My goal was to plan a nice shower for my sister while spending very little money (sorry Tara).  My sister has always been more generous with her money than I.

We learned a lot from hosting my shower two years ago.  For this shower we decided to do a brunch theme because we thought it would be easier than a lunch.  Once again, the party was being hosted at my mother’s so we had limited oven and refrigerator space.  We thought this time we would rent tables and chairs so everyone could play games and eat outside.  This was a wonderful idea and definitely freed up space in the house.  Unfortunately, the day ended up being incredibly hot but we still were outside for a majority of the party.  I hate cheesy games but at a shower it gives guests something to do and they are just expected.  I planned three games though in hindsight I would have stuck to only two.  For more suggestions on hosting a bridal shower on the cheap check out this postBride-to-be and Maid of Honor

It was so nice seeing a lot of family at the shower because I hadn’t seen anyone since the birth and death of our daughter.  I was really worried guests would try to say nice things to me about Haley’s passing causing me to  get upset and I really didn’t want to take any attention away from the bride-to-be.  Luckily, only a few people said some sweet remarks and I was able to keep myself in check.

I also managed to finally see my best friend’s baby.  I love meeting my friend’s babies and I am sincerely so happy for all of them but I can’t help feeling an insane amount of jealously.  Why didn’t I get to keep my baby?

Overall, the quick weekend in Wisconsin was a great start to the summer.

(Originally Published June 28th, 2016)

P.S. We did learn that the original cause of Haley’s death was improper formation of the tubes of the kidneys.  After genetic testing (that insurance wouldn’t pay for) we learned I am NOT a carrier of a specific recessive gene that the geneticist was convinced I had.  We are leaning towards the birth defect being a fluke but no one knows for sure and there is no further testing that is recommended.

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