October Blizzard (yes, that’s right OCTOBER)

This weekend was certainly an interesting one.  All week my students kept saying that we would have a snow day on Friday because of all the snow that we were predicted to get.  As usual, I responded to the students by saying that weather-people are often wrong and to make sure they do their homework because we will probably have school.


Alex and I both had a snow day Friday which we were excited about.  What happily engaged couple wouldn’t love an extra day at home together?  Alex made us hot chocolate, I read (for pleasure), and Breaking Bad episodes were on all morning.

Survival Guide – Headlamp, Nora Roberts, and Wine

Then the power went out and stayed out for THREE WHOLE DAYS.  The blizzard dumped about 2 feet of snow on Rapid City and between the wind and snow accumulation the trees were devastated.  The cleanup in the city is taking awhile.

Luckily, I am engaged to a very smart, handy, and outdoorsy man.  Alex had the forethought to cut down many branches hanging above our power lines before they broke off.  Alex also did all the snow plowing/shoveling because if you know me at all, I don’t do snow.

Thanks to our Jetboil we continued to have hot chocolate and pasta throughout the weekend.  Our headlamps allowed us to continue reading since that was really the only entertainment available.

With many blankets, layers of clothing, and a furry dog we managed to stay sane.  Plus we still had hot water (yes!).   Had it been real winter we would have been screwed.

For more recommendations on how to prepare for a blizzard or snow day see this post.

Benny (aka. “Snowbeast”) didn’t seem to mind.

(originally published October 8, 2013)

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