November Book Reads

The Underground Railroad

An interesting read, this book told the story of a runaway slave using the Underground Railroad.  But this Railroad used actual trains and conductors to help the slaves escape.  As the runaway gets off the train at different stops the reader learns more about the treatment of African-Americans in different states.  Some of the story is also told from the viewpoint of a slave catcher.



Kiss Carlo

This book was pretty weird for me.  A young man works for his family’s taxi cab business as well as a crew member at a local theater.  One night he has to fill in for an actor and falls in love with being on stage.  When he decides to leave his fiancée of 7 years he needs to escape town quickly.  He decides to disguise himself as a visiting Italian diplomat to a nearby town.  The flow of events makes the story more convoluted than it needed to be.



The Whole Town’s Talking

If you need a book to read when you can’t fall asleep at night, this would be the one; it is a little slow and boring.  The story starts with settlers from Sweden starting a new town in Missouri.  You read about the town’s families getting married, having children, and dying.  Generation to generation some world events are mixed into the plot as well.  There is a little twist with what happens to the residents after they die but overall a snoozefest.



My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry

The book features a weird little girl who the reader never ends up liking.  The girl’s grandma was her best friend and when the grandma dies the girl is sent on a scavenger hunt.  The girl finds letters from her grandma apologizing to each person in their apartment building.  Everyone ends up being connected and helping one another out.


This was not my favorite month of book reads.  If you want to pick one to read I would recommend The Underground Railroad.  I apologize for not having better recommendations, I have been trying to get through Hamilton but it is taking me forever.

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