In this age of technology, class reunions have become unnecessary.  I can hop on Facebook at any time of the day to see who is married, who has children, who has gained weight, etc.

The only downfall of no longer attending class reunions is that you don’t have a predetermined date to get to see your actual close friends unless you do the work of putting plans together.  Luckily, I have awesome friends who are good at planning.

I have to give credit to my friend Ally, she not only set the ball in motion but she picked the location and found us the best place to stay.  Everybody else just had to agree on the time and it actually happened!  We must continue this tradition.

Many months ago we agreed to plan a trip because all of our guys will be turning 30 this year.  There ended up being 9 of us that were able to go to Nashville.  Some drove down from Wisconsin together and the rest of us flew in and rented a car.  Ally found us an amazing house to rent from Thursday through Sunday.

The large house was in the shadiest neighborhood but every couple had their own room, the living room had a two story ceiling, and the kitchen island was the perfect size for beer pong.   I would highly recommend Chateau Ghetto to any groups that want to stay 10 minutes from downtown Nashville.

The first night we all went out to a restaurant using Uber.  This weekend was my first experience using Uber and I was highly impressed.  It is basically a taxi service but people drive their own cars, the cars pick you up within minutes (if not seconds) of requesting them on the app, and all the payment is handled through the app.  I think we only ended up even paying for 1 or 2 rides because we just kept earning free rides by sharing the link with each person in our group.  Uber beats taking a taxi any day. Furthermore, I was really happy that I didn’t have to drive all the drunks around at night being as I was the only permanent sober one that weekend (yay pregnancy).

Tiny Baby Bump!

On Friday we went out for brunch and were put in a room with two very large, VERY LOUD bachelorette parties.  Luckily, the girls were closing out their bills so by the time our food arrived we had some peace and quiet.

We then hit some bars, went shopping for boots, and enjoyed what downtown Nashville had to offer.   I did not realize previous to this weekend that Nashville is the number two destination in the country for bachelorette parties but everywhere we turned there were groups of females in matching bachelorette gear. 

Friday night we had a family meal at home.  While the guys played their millionth round of beer pong the ladies whipped up a spaghetti dinner that we all sat down to enjoy.

This moment really made me think of how grown up we all had become. These are the same people I have amazing blackmail stories on from our youth (and they have many stories on me!).


Both Thursday and Friday night we went out to the bars to catch some local music.  I think we meant to bar hop but the first bar we went to each night had such awesome bands we didn’t want to leave.

I was really impressed with the band at the Honky Tonk Friday night that had a girl lead singer that did a 90s medley that blew my mind.   I really danced my ass off and my group congratulated me on how much of a trooper I was, being pregnant and staying out until 2 am.

Saturday we went on a fun brewery tour and then enjoyed some amazing pizza at Five Points.  That night many of us wanted to hang out at the house but a few went out to catch even more music downtown.

The best part of the weekend really was being able to catch up with everyone, talk about exciting upcoming events in our lives, and being around people that we have been friends with since high school.  The goal now is to plan the next trip way in advance like we did this one so we can keep the tradition alive.

(Originally published July 27th,2015)

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