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February is one of the better months of the year because it is the shortest winter month, the Superbowl and Academy Awards are both held during, and I look good in red.  This year there is even more to celebrate in February.   Alex and I have been “officially” together for 7 years and the month also includes Alex’s birthday.

Being that it is the month of love, I thought I would touch on the subject with another movie guide.    The following movie guide is not totally focused on romance but instead on a movie genre I love . . . MUSICALS.  Obviously, love is almost always the main focal point of a musical but the dancing and singing are the parts that make my heart swell.

Mehg's Favorite Musicals

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1. West Side Story

For whatever reason, my favorite musicals are the ones with devastating endings.   The dancing, duets, and costumes are the absolute best in this musical.

Tidbit – I was devastated to learn it is not actually Natalie Wood’s voice singing but I got over it.

Best Dancing Sequences:  America, Cool

Best Vocal Songs: Tonight, A Boy Like That/I Have A Love

2. Carousel

Shocker – the male lead dies in another one of my favorite musicals.  These two actors have such great chemistry (thank God Frank Sinatra dropped out) and Shirley Jones is so pretty.

Tidbit – Read Shirley Jones’ memoir, it’s quite scandalous.

Best Dancing Sequences: June is Bustin’ Out All Over, Ballet (the daughter’s)

Best Vocal Songs: If I Loved You, You’ll Never Walk Alone (I cry every time I hear this song)

3. Hello Dolly

Babs is amazing and I think Dolly would be such a fun part to play.

Best Dancing Sequences: Dancing, Hello, Dolly!

Best Vocal Songs: So Long, Dearie, Hello, Dolly!


4. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

What a ridiculous story line but that’s what makes musicals so amazing – no one goes around singing and dancing all day but I would love to.

Tidbit – Like many musicals, you can’t put this one on without many talented men.  It is so frustrating for a director to have to cut the play possibility list in half  when  you think about who is available for the male roles.

Best Dancing Sequences: Barn Dance, Lonesome Polecat

5. Fiddler on the Roof

An almost 3 hour long movie focusing on such a serious topic like anti-Semitism still manages to have such delightful moments like “Matchmaker”.

Tidbit – As a child I have no idea how often I threw a blanket around my head and sang “Matchmaker” but the dream sequence to this day still terrifies me.

Best Dancing Sequences: Chava Ballet

Best Vocal Songs: Matchmaker, If I Were A Rich Man, Do You Love Me?, Far From the Home I Love

6. Oklahoma

My favorite musical couple strikes again but it is the bad guy that dies this time.  See, I am not all doom and gloom.

Tidbit – I really enjoyed being the assistant director on this musical when I was a teacher.  I had excellent student dancers that I was very proud to help choreograph for.

Best Dancing Sequences: Out of My Dreams Ballet, The Farmer and The Cowman, Kansas City

Best Vocal Songs: People Will Say We’re In Love, All er Nuthin’

7. Newsies

Christian Bale singing and dancing, enough said.

Tidbit – I dream of being able to choreograph this musical some day.

Best Dancing Sequences: King of New York

Best Vocal Songs: The World Will Know, Seize the Day, Once and For All

8. Sound of Music

Another musical with the serious historical background of the Nazis.  I love that this musical is a true story and many members of my family (including myself) have been in the play at least once.

Best Dancing Sequences: Sixteen Going on Seventeen 

Best Vocal Songs: Edelweiss, Climb Ev’ry Mountain, Something Good


9. Singin’ in the Rain

I always forget how funny this musical is.  This musical is light, funny, and always makes me want to start tap dancing again.

Best Dancing Sequences: Make ‘Em Laugh, Moses, Good Morning

Best Vocal Songs: Good Morning, Singin’ In The Rain, Would You?


It should be fairly clear by now that I prefer the classics to the newer musicals ranging from “Hairspray” to “Rent” but I didn’t watch the modern musicals over and over again as a child.

Here are other musicals that certainly deserve honorable mentions;


        (originally published Feb. 1st, 2015)

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