Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

The holiday season for us is usually a whirlwind of family since both Alex and I come from divorced families.

Now that we’ve moved to South Dakota this time of year has actually become a lot easier.

For Thanksgiving, Alex and I stay in Rapid City and it’s very relaxing .  Never before have I experienced a relaxing Thanksgiving, typically cramming in three or four different gatherings over the span of two days.

I work on Black Friday but at the usual opening time and on Thanksgiving I spend a leisurely day cooking and watching football.  No traveling, no time schedule, and no overwhelming amounts of family time makes me consider keeping this tradition forever.

Our Christmas tree from the National Forest.

I was so proud of myself this year.  I completed all my Christmas shopping online (free shipping + coupon codes) and on time.  Everything was wrapped and ready to go long before we packed up our car headed for Wisconsin.  Alex on the other hand did not take my advice and had me out shopping with him two days before Christmas (NIGHTMARE – never again).

This Christmas vacation was great; we got to spend plenty of time with almost all family members, the weather was manageable, and we were spoiled rotten with gifts like usual.  The only disappointment was not being able to see all of our Wisconsin friends, we just ran out of time.  Alex and I are so excited with the number of people who have already made plans to come to our wedding this summer.  I think I will proclaim this year the best holiday season yet!

Someone got to go to the Packer game.
Snowbeast exhausted after playing with many family dogs.

(Originally posted Dec. 29th, 2013)

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