Life Lessons Not Learned

There are a few things I just can’t seem to remember. I learn these life lessons over and over but they just don’t stick.

Do NOT try out new recipes on guests.

Why I decide to make something new each time I have people over for a meal is beyond me. The recipe always ends up taking longer than it should. Often, the result isn’t what I wanted. When I make a recipe the first time I almost always have changes that I would make to it the next time, that is if I don’t decide to nix it completely. As a former Home Ec teacher it is quite embarrassing when I am a disaster in the kitchen. Why don’t I just stick to recipes I love and I know I make great when I am trying to make a good impression?

Pinterest fail
Not one of my actual fails but you get the idea.

Wait to buy presents until closer to the event.

I love to be the first guest on a gift registry to shop because then I can pick out whatever I want in my price range. But if you buy a gift so far in advance then there is no way the receiver can return it. I don’t ever want someone stuck with a gift I bought them if they don’t want it or have already received it from someone else. Instead, I need to remember to wait to shop until about 3 weeks before the event. That way there are still plenty of items left on the registry but the return/exchange date won’t have expired by the time the receiver is gifted it.

Stop buying clothes online . . . most of the time.

Online buying gone wrong.
Again, not my dress though I have had similar experiences.

Rarely, but enough that I am annoyed with myself, I give in to an impulse and purchase clothing online. Online clothes shopping can lead to many problems – the size could be wrong, the quality of the garment could be poor, or the look/color is completely different in person. Returning items can be such a pain, you just end up stuck with something you won’t wear that much. I do have good luck when the clothing piece is from a trusted brand where I know what size I am and the item has tons of excellent reviews. Put the item in your online cart and think about the purchase for a couple days before you checkout.

Keep gift cards and coupons on you or in your car.

Alex and I constantly go places that we have gift cards for but we never seem to have them on us. It is frustrating, I need to start keeping my gift cards on hand.  As for coupons, most are now available on apps but then you must remember to pull up the app at time of purchase.  I often use the Retail Me Not app and it saves me tons!

Check the weather before getting dressed and leaving your house.

A lesson everyone should learn at an early age but I have yet to retain. Is it going to be super windy? Then why is my hair down and I chose to wear a skirt that blows up in the wind? Is it going to snow? How am I going to shovel my work sidewalk in high heels? Idiot – check the weather!

Woman's skirt blowing up.
This happened to me in a Starbucks parking lot – super embarrassing.

(Originally published March 23, 2016)

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