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Behind Closed Doors

Might I suggest not reading this one before going to bed.  This book really makes you realize just how manipulative a person can be.  The story also has you remembering all the true stories you’ve heard of women being held captive for years and not even the neighbors suspecting a thing.  You find yourself trying to think of ways of escape for her but there are many factors involved.   Behind Closed Doors is a very fast read of a woman who has finally found the love of her life who is also willing to accept that her sister with Down’s Syndrome will be a major part of their life together.  Soon the reader learns that Mr. Perfect is not at all what he seems.

America’s First Daughter

I really enjoyed this historical read.  The entire book is from the viewpoint of Patsy Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson’s beloved daughter.  The timeline spans from the death of Patsy’s mother to Patsy as an older woman eventually running the household at Monticello.  It details Patsy’s cultured teenage years in Paris as well as a poor married woman in Virginia.  The story touches on the politics surrounding America and France and the countries’ efforts for independence and democracy.  Another large component of the book is the issue of slavery and hipocrisy of the man who wrote, “all men are created equal” owning slaves.  I found the book fascinating, but I love history.  It is  not a page-turner but a perfect book to read over a couple days/weeks.

The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir

Another WWII story (why are all the books out now about WWII?).  This one is a tame novel written in the form of letters and journal entries by women in a small town in England.  These women decide that with all the men away fighting that they should form a ladies’ choir – quite scandalous at the time.  The book includes some love stories, a bit of small town scandal, and a touch of girl power.  An easy, simple read that is perfect to drift off to sleep to.

Confessions of a Domestic Failure

Bridget Jones-esque  this book makes you feel much better about your own abilities as a wife and mother.  A funny read in which a stay at home mom can’t seem to get herself together.  The main character enters a contest for women to become better at being the “perfect” moms (crafty, organic, etc).  Her hilarious attempts at cooking and cleaning combined with marital frustrations makes the story relatable.


Personally, I would skip Yes Please by Amy Poehler.  It was okay but I found the anecdotes very random and the book focused a little too much on giving kudos to Tina Fey and other writers she has worked with.

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