July Book Reads

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The Other Einstein

This book is written from the point of view of Einstein’s wife.  We begin by following her academic career at a university in Switzerland as only the fifth female student to enter the physics program there.  We learn what an extremely motivated student Einstein’s wife was and how truly gifted she was at mathematics.  Then this novel describes how Mrs. Einstein was the one who really developed the theory of relativity – scientists are split over this controversial argument.  It was fascinating to read how successful a woman could be despite her Eastern European background and having a physical deformity yet having received no credit for her accomplishments. 


Born a Crime

I loved this book! Trevor Noah’s stories from his childhood through his young adult years in South Africa are so interesting. Trevor discusses the repercussions of apartheid ending on his unique upbringing, especially being that his father was Swiss and his mother African (a couple that was illegal at the time).  It is shocking to learn everything that Trevor has been through from his violent, alcoholic step-father to DJing huge parties in the “hood”.  This book gives great insights into South African culture among Trevor’s many anecdotes from his childhood.


Same Beach, Next Year 

For the perfect summer beach/plane read buy this book.  Two couples reunite each year at their vacation homes to catch up on their friendships with each other.  Eventually attractions to each other’s spouses end up causing problems in the marriages.  An easy, simple read that doesn’t require too much attention.



My Not So Perfect Life

A woman is trying to get ahead in her marketing career but even at her low-level position ends up getting let go.  Not having the money to continue living in London, Katie returns to her family’s farm to help start a glamping business.  Things are going well at the new venture until her old boss turns up as a guest.  Katie decides to seek revenge.  A lighthearted, funny book to remind us that things aren’t always what they seem.


Skip – The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Someone is killing women by making it seem like accidental drownings but a Hollywood gossip reporter is determined to discover the truth.  The book was okay but no page turner.  I found it hard to get invested enough into the main character to care what happened to her. 

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