It’s Here Again!

Oh Summer how I love you.  I’m just a better person all around during this season. Maybe someday I’ll live in a location where I can experience this season for more than three (when we are lucky) months.

This summer is already going too fast.  The season started with a career change.  I have taught Family and Consumer Sciences (better known as Home Ec) the last five years.  I am very grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given and experiences I’ve had teaching, but after 3 districts in 5 years I’m a little burnt out.

I’ve taught countless courses each semester ranging from Foods to Child Development, Fashion to Medical Terminology.  On top of the unrealistic teaching load, each district always managed to con me into being the Drama Club director or assistant director.  I am just too damn nice to say no.

I’ve loved my students, my colleagues, and really enjoyed the subjects I’ve taught, except medical terminology – that was kindof boring.

I won’t miss the never-ending grocery shopping, the endless hours, and the lack of appreciation.  I won’t lecture but never tell me that teachers are overpaid and get their summers off; I will punch you in the face.

Now, I am the manager at the bridal store I have worked part-time at the last two years and I love it.  The job is exactly the change I need for now.   I get to see every new bridal gown and I love helping plan fashion shows. This week I learned how to dye shoes – very fun.   Alex and I are not sure how long we will stay in South Dakota or what will happen next in our careers and that is okay.

Best part of my day – coming home to RSVP’s.

Our own wedding is coming up very fast and the nightmares have begun.   Last night I dreamt that all of the guys’ tuxes got screwed up.  Alex was in a black tux, one groomsman had a tux coat with red chili peppers on it, and another groomsman had a light blue tux.  In the dream I cried so much about the tuxes that in all of the pictures I had a hideous red blotchy face.  I can’t take another month and a half of wedding nightmares.

Last summer I felt that I had a great handle on the wedding checklist but I haven’t done a thing since then so now I feel there is a lot to do in a short amount of time.  I won’t bore you but please remember this whenever attending a wedding;

  1. Follow the simple instructions on the RSVP card.  If it says to initial next to your entrée selection why do you just put a check mark? I have no clue who is having the chicken and who is having the salmon forcing me to make gender-based assumptions.
  1. Book a room to stay early.  I warned you, I sent out save-the-dates over a year in advance, and you are surprised there are no rooms available a month before the wedding? Happy camping!
  1. Stick to the registry unless you are positive the couple will love your gift (or it is returnable).  This shouldn’t need an explanation especially if you know the bride hates knickknacks.
  1. Cash is so nice.  I am not a fan of giving cash as a gift but now being the bride nothing is better than money. I think the honeymoon registry is the best idea ever, giving cash for something specific (flight, spa, etc).  After a crazy expensive wedding it is hard to justify taking an expensive vacation unless you consider it a wedding gift.
  1. Stop asking a million questions about the wedding.  Women I am talking to you. If you want to know every single detail beforehand what is the point of going to the wedding?  Just show up, you are not the wedding planner, this isn’t your event, just show up.  All your curiosity will be satisfied then.

(Originally posted June 17th, 2014) 

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