Introducing Mr. & Mrs. DeSmidt!

I want to write down every detail of our amazing wedding weekend so we won’t forget how perfect everything turned out.   Our wedding was incredibly special for the two of us; I am by far the luckiest girl in the world.

Tuesday – Wednesday

Alex and I both managed to leave work early Tuesday afternoon to get the car packed up.  Somehow, Alex always manages to fit everything into our vehicle and we are still able to see out the back.  Despite my pre-wedding nightmares I did manage to remember my dress, shoes, and our birth certificates.  We stayed in Brandon, SD that night and Benny did the best he has ever done staying in a hotel – no barking, he ate his food, and actually let us sleep until morning before he needed to go outside.   


In the morning we drove first to Green Bay to pick up a few of the guys’ tuxes that happened to be ready early.  Then we drove to Sturgeon Bay to stay the night because we had an 8 am appointment to get our marriage license.   We ate dinner at Waterfront Mary’s because we were able to take Benny with us – we would definitely recommend if you are looking for a very casual, dog-friendly, bar and grill right on the water.

Beer Cheese & Brat Soup at Waterfront Mary’s

Seriously – Everything was working out exactly how we had hoped it would.


After picking up our marriage license, Alex drove me to Fish Creek for my hair trial and nail appointment at The Edge Salon.  The ladies at The Edge were very nice and talented.  The small salon is right in downtown Fish Creek, a perfect location.   There was a small mix-up during our communication about the makeup appointments for the wedding but the ladies took care of everything swiftly and all was resolved right away.  My mom met me at the salon for her hair trial and we were able to catch up on family gossip. Meanwhile, Alex and Dave were walking Benny and finally allowing him to get in the water (Benny was really mad at Waterfront Mary’s when we wouldn’t let him swim).

Alex and I then dropped Benny off at Pet Pleasures for boarding.  I have never been good at leaving Benny but I only cried a little bit as we drove away because I knew he was going to have a blast – there was a kiddie pool, at least 8 other dogs, and tons of toys.  The owner was also very flexible.  If we wanted to pick up Benny for a walk or just to visit him we just had to let her know what time we would be coming by.  We didn’t have any time this trip but any time we are in Door County in the future we will definitely have Benny stay there.   I have never been happier with boarding my dog than I have with Pet Pleasures, Inc.

Horseshoe Bay Golf Club

I wiped away my tears and we drove down the road to meet with our florist and our wedding planner.  The flowers were looking great and the wedding was starting to feel real.

Then we made our way to our venue, Horseshoe Bay Golf Club, to finalize details and review the order of events.  Now is when I started to get really excited.  The weather was perfect, the grounds looked amazing, and as always our wedding planner was absolutely wonderful – funny, professional, and very reassuring.   Because of Carrie I was beyond calm and relaxed the entire weekend, especially our wedding day.

As we were discussing details we were offered drinks. Alex asked what was on tap and the first listed was Spotted Cow.  Alex stopped the server immediately and said “yes” the server was going to continue to name beers but I stopped the server again and explained that for a year all we have wanted is Spotted Cow and cheese curds.  Our planner Carrie told the server we will also be needing cheese curds – I didn’t even know they were on the menu, so delicious.  Apparently, we still looked hungry and the staff at Horseshoe generously brought us a really tasty lunch.

Now that I was feeling even better about the progress of our wedding we still needed to drop off welcome letters at the resorts we had blocked off rooms for our guests.  The welcome letters had a few recommendations of places we liked to go in Door County as well as trolley times for the wedding and plans for Friday night.

Dropping off welcome letters for our guests.

Starting to get really tired Alex and I went back to Fish Creek where we were going to stay the night with my parents.  I got straight to work creating the seating chart with help from my mom as Alex napped.

Later, we put the guys to work folding wedding programs and sticking table numbers onto the place cards.

To end the night, Polly and Dave went to dinner but Alex and I needed a break so we met up with them and some of the Bertelsens later at Fred and Fuzzy’s  for cherry margaritas.  My mom was able to catch up with her old boss and reminisce about her summers working in Door County.  Fun Fact – Door County is also where my grandparents met 70+ years ago.


To celebrate my upcoming birthday, Dave and Polly took us out to breakfast at the White Gull Inn for its famous Cherry-Stuffed French Toast.  Stuffed is how we felt after breakfast so we walked to the marina and around Fish Creek to some shops to help with our digestion.

In Egg Harbor, we stopped in at the Chocolate Chicken for some caffeine and to make sure the file of our slideshow my mom created worked on our laptop – she did an awesome job on the slideshow.  We also took some time to write thank you notes to our wedding party in the adjourning park looking out at the beautiful marina.

Beer flight at Shipwrecked.

At lunch, right across the street at Shipwrecked, we ran into a few of our wedding guests and family which was really fun.  We realized we were running low on time and we still needed to pick up a few more gifts to give out at the rehearsal dinner.  Naturally we headed to the winery for gifts and maybe managed to taste-test numerous wines while we were there.

Luckily, we were able to check into our room a bit early at the Club Cottages.  Our room was beautiful and luxurious – two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living room with a kitchen.

Then we needed to meet with our officiant (whom we had never met before).  We were so lucky that Allin was incredibly flexible and willing to officiate on such short notice – our previous pastor moved half way through the year.  We were really pleased meeting Allin, enjoying his company so much that we spent more time with him than planned.

Traditional Door County boil-over.

Running low on time, Alex and I quickly dropped off gifts and the laptop at the Landmark where our rehearsal dinner was being held and went back to our room to change.

After the rehearsal at Horseshoe Bay our wedding party heading to the Carrington Pub & Grill at the Landmark for drinks and a boil-over presentation (it’s a Door County thing).   The food was great (and the pie!), the boil-over was something very unique to our rehearsal dinner that we hope guests enjoyed.

After the dinner, slideshow, and gifts we went outside to where the bonfire was still going.  Any of our wedding guests in town were invited to join the bonfire.  We were so happy that we were able to spend time catching up with many of our guests Friday night because we really ran out of the time at the wedding itself.

Unfortunately, it did rain a little bit but some people still enjoyed the bonfire outside while the rest of us continued catching up and drinking inside.  At this time I learned that a major section of the resort was without water because of a water main line breaking.  I was not happy to learn that many of my guests would not be able to shower or flush a toilet when getting ready for the wedding.  Thank goodness this issue was fixed within a couple of hours and to my knowledge our guests were all able to shower in their own rooms.

Around midnight (I think) I asked Tara and Keegan to drive Alex and I back because we still hadn’t written our vows.  Alex and I both have a serious problem with procrastination.  This procrastination led to one of my favorite memories of our wedding – writing our vows in the whirlpool tub in our room.  This experience was very romantic, fun, and something we’ll consider unique to our wedding experience.  Alex managed to stay up a little later to continue to complete the vows and work on some music selections as I decided to get some much needed sleep.


The ladies and I started off the day with iced coffee and doughnuts at the beauty salon while getting our hair and makeup done. This took a couple of hours and honestly I just felt really relaxed and more tired than anything.

The boys had a great time mini-golfing.  My fears of the men showing up drunk and/or sunburnt to the wedding did not happen though Alex did manage to fall into the water hole while mini-golfing.

Our (amazing photographers) showed up at the Club Cottages to capture us getting ready separately; the girls in my mom’s room and the boys in ours.  We then had our “first look” right across the street on the Horseshoe Bay grounds.  I loved that Alex was waiting for me with a glass of champagne.  I can’t say enough how our photographers we so easy to work with, directing us when needed and still giving us a lot of time to take in the moments of the day.

The girls “spying” on the first look.

As we lined up for the processional I still couldn’t believe how composed I was.  I shed no tears, I had no butterflies, and I was almost eerily calm taking in as much of the day as I could.  Walking down aisle to “Canon in D” I think Alex teared up a little which from a bride’s standpoint is always nice to see.  Allin did a wonderful job with the ceremony.  We had our friend Dana from Pewaukee give a reading, my stepdad sing “God Bless the Broken Road”, we said our personalized vows (which got some laughter) and then repeated the more traditional vows.  We followed the vows with a time capsule ceremony during which we placed our vows, program, and other meaningful things into the box Alex made to open in 10 years.  Our string quartet played “One Hand, One Heart” as my stepdad sang again (I had to sneak one of my favorite musicals into the wedding somehow).  We recessed down the aisle to “Home” a special request we had for the Allegro String Quartet which they executed perfectly.

Beforehand, we had let our photographer Kim know that our extended families always have big family photos taken at each wedding and immediately after the ceremony would be the best time to round everyone up.  Afterward, the wedding party hopped on the trolley to take more photos at the beach right down the road and to take a little time to relax and start/continue drinking.

Alex started dinner by giving a nice little speech and toast ending with “and cheers to me for looking so damn good”.  We had the Club Salad, my father gave a short toast, and Tara gave a memorable speech – half sweet, half insulting, like any Maid of Honor speech should be.  Our best man Jeff gave an excellent speech followed by dinner with options of roasted red pepper stuffed chicken, mango salsa salmon, or stuffed Portobello.  Alex and I tried during the serving of cake to make it around to each table to say hi and thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our wedding.  Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to properly greet and catch up with everyone.  We didn’t even have time for cake!

Our photographers pulled us outside to try and capture some sunset shots and again to give us a little time to ourselves to reflect on our wedding which was very thoughtful and needed.  We headed then to the tent outside where we took our first dance to “Give into Me”. The traditional daddy/daughter and mother/son dances also took place and then the band started up.

After a slow start (one mistake was made – I hate any type of dance contest) the beats picked up and we danced the night away.  My girls kept the vodka tonics coming which always help me dance better.   I don’t remember everything but a few of the songs that The Presidents played that really stuck out to me were; “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” (Tara and I got to accompany the band with tambourines), “Happy”, and “Blurred Lines”.  During this time Carrie pulled me aside and recommended that we get pizza for our guests (a really nice way of saying everyone was getting too drunk).


Alex and I waved to the last trolley of guests and leisurely walked back together to our room. You know what happens next.


We started the day by taking a final Jacuzzi bath in our room because it’s our thing.  We relaxed on the porch before beginning the long process of packing everything up and squeezing all the gifts into the car.

We went to the Members’ Clubhouse to pay the final bill.  The employees mentioned that our guests drank a LOT more during dinner than most weddings – we weren’t surprised.  The staff also managed to save us two slices of our wedding cake.  Alex and I decided to have our cake for breakfast on the Clubhouse porch to enjoy the gorgeous morning.  The cake was delicious; I had the red velvet and Alex the chocolate something (I forgot).

Some of our friends were in Egg Harbor having brunch so we were able to meet up with them and say goodbye.  We also tried to spend time with some of our families at their different locations before they left Door County.  I demanded we pick up Benny that day so we needed to find dog-friendly lodging for one night (not an easy task in Door County).  We managed to get a room and then enjoyed dinner at Husby’s in Sister Bay.


Alex, Benny, and I started the day with a short hike on a trail right behind our room and then met with my parents at Julie’s for an awesome breakfast.  We all hiked to allow Benny a little swimming time in Peninsula State Park before seeing a few more family members at their rented home in Egg Harbor.  

As we said goodbye I started to feel really sad.  I didn’t want the wedding nor our vacation to end but we got into the car, dropped off the tuxes in Green Bay, and started the long trek back home.


*Our wedding weekend was everything I could have ever wished it would be.  Thank you to all who wished us well and helped celebrate with us.*

P.S. A few days later my birthday was the best to date!  We indulged in a nice breakfast, opened wedding gifts, and relaxed during our last day off of work together.



(Originally published Sept. 18th, 2014)


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