Harney Peak Hike

*UPDATE – Now known as Black Elk Peak*

This summer we didn’t hike or camp as much as we usually do – maybe our wedding had something to do with this?  Alex and I decided that we needed to squeeze in at least one camping trip before summer ended so we headed over to Custer State Park.

We tent camped at the Game Lodge Campground in the park.  Our site was right on the water (a little creek) which Benny absolutely loved.  The weather couldn’t have been better, warm during the day and cold at night.  No fire bans this year (thank goodness)!

On Saturday, we set out early to hike up to Harney Peak.  Alex and Benny have done this hike multiple times but I never had yet.  Alex determined the perfect route by taking the #4 up and the #9 down.

Benny enjoying the water at the top of the hike.

I would highly recommend this route because the sun wasn’t too hot yet on the very open #4 and the trail wasn’t too crowded heading back down after reaching the peak.

Suggestions – make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks!  If you have a dog let the dog swim at the top to cool off.  Also, make sure to plan for plenty of time since the hike takes a couple of hours.

I’m so glad we were able to get in some hiking, relaxing, and s’more-eating before the end of my favorite season.

(Originally posted Oct. 24, 2014)


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