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Christmas Card
We’re “expecting” 2017 to be a great year!

Alex and I made the decision to spend another Christmas in Rapid City.  It would have been hard to take a long vacation before the end of the year and right before one of my major fashion shows at work.  Furthermore, driving 12 hours one-way while majorly pregnant in the snow and ice did not sound like fun.  We promise we will try to make a trip to Wisconsin in summer so everyone can meet the baby.

Christmas was very relaxing. Alex and I spent the day opening tons of gifts from our wonderful family.  It is so fun to open gifts for the baby.

Opening Christmas gifts.
Opening Christmas gifts.

I especially love all the baby girl clothes and baby books we received. I do have to say it was wonderful not having to keep getting in the car and driving to the next holiday event.  Someday Alex and I will need to figure out a compromise of seeing family but also allowing for immediate family time and relaxation.

Matching coats
Shopping in our matching coats.

For New Year’s my mom and step-dad were able to come out for a visit which was really nice.  One of our Christmas gifts from them was to pick out a crib together.  My mom and I spent a lot of time shopping during their trip.  We ended up finding the perfect crib at a local furniture store.  The crib was discontinued so we got an excellent deal (I get my thriftiness from my mom).

The nursery is coming together.

Alex is amazing and completely re-did the closet in the nursery.  He tore down all the old wooden shelving and ridiculously placed rod.  Then Alex put in all new shelving and rods to give me tons of space for baby storage, yay!  It sure is great to have a handy husband.

Used baby clothes
Used baby clothes, each only $1!

After finding the perfect crib my mom and I also checked out the local baby store that sells gently used items and we scored.  We found a wonderful bouncy seat for a fraction of the normal cost and tons of clothes that look brand new but each piece was only $1 – $2, we love a deal!

On New Year’s Eve, we all decided to keep up our tradition and get lobster tails from the local seafood market.  The dinner turned out delicious.  Although, we didn’t get to participate in all the family Christmas festivities this year it was really nice to have family come visit us.

(Originally published January 12th, 2017)

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