Gifts for New Moms

With a lot of my friends having babies and becoming a new mom myself recently, I thought I would share some gifts ideas for moms who have just given birth.  Babies get a ton of gifts but moms deserve some recognition as well!

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Nursing Bras

Nursing Bra
I absolutely love these nursing bras.  I wear one every single night.  For nursing moms these bras are so comfortable and hold nursing pads in place.  If you are feeling really generous give the mom at least two – I wish I had more.  The bras come in different colors and if you are not sure what size to get, size up.



Dry Shampoo

Showering as a new mom – ha!  It doesn’t happen.  Thank goodness for dry shampoo.

Nursing Pads

Nursing Pads
These breast pads are reusable, extremely soft, and thin.  I think the pads get softer every time I wash them. Make sure to give some overnight ones, I tried using the regular ones at night and I soaked through.




New parents have a lot of down time.  Feedings happen every couple hours, the baby wakes and naps constantly, plus you are too exhausted to do anything productive.  Give a Netflix giftcard so the parents can binge watch their favorite movies and television shows.

Face Cream

My sister got me this  face cream  after I gave birth.  It was so nice to feel slightly refreshed when I would go out of the house to grocery shop or run other errands.


Nothing is more appreciated than a good meal.  Right after I had Cora one of my friends gave me a giftcard for Plated – best gift ever! You go online, select the meals you want to receive, and then everything is sent to you.  By everything I mean all the ingredients and the recipes.  The recipes are super easy to follow and the food is delicious.

My Plated box


Crystal Light Packets

I am not the best at drinking the amount of water I need every day.  These individual water flavor packets help me stay hydrated.


Nursing moms are hungry all the time but have no energy to make themselves food.  These new oatmeal bars were a lifesaver for me.  Every flavor is delicious.



Your Time

Have a ton of friends having babies but not a lot of extra cash?  Offer up your services.  Take their dog on a walk, cook a meal, mow the lawn for them – these gifts are priceless!

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