Four Months Old

Cora at 4 Months Old

Bumbo Chair
She’ll tolerate this chair up to 10 minutes sometimes!

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This girl, I tell ya . . . she is not easy.  My friends all have these babies that sit there content and happy, not Cora.  The colic doesn’t seem to be going away.  Most days she is just fussy all damn day.  You have to constantly keep her entertained, moving from the playmat, to the swing, to the chair, etc.

Cora is a kid that needs a lot of stimulation.  She is happiest when you are dragging a burp cloth down her face and making obnoxious farting sounds on her belly.  Cora goes from laughing to crying before you can snap your fingers. The jiggling stills keeps her content at times but only if you are simultaneously walking around.  Last night we went for a walk after dinner and halfway through Cora started screaming and demanded to be held the rest of the walk.  What baby doesn’t like to ride in a stroller? If we are blessed to have more children in the future I just hope they are a little easier than Ms. Cora Belle.

“Morning Mom – I think I’ll pull this pillowcase right over my face.”

Although crazy, Cora can be super cute.  She absolutely loves covering her face with items, putting everything in her mouth, and blowing bubbles.  Cora is drooling like crazy.  The girl loves to laugh at Alex and pull my hair.

Best in Show Quote

This toy has become our Busy Bee (if you don’t get this movie reference I’m not sure we can be friends).  We have to have this musical toy on us at all times.  It is the only thing to calm Cora down in public.

I know these posts sound like I’m complaining a lot.  Trust me, I know that having a healthy child is all I could ever hope for and for that I am eternally grateful, but sometimes it feels good to vent a little.

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