Five Months Old

5 Months

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Our Ms. Cora is still a challenge.  Now we can also add manipulative as a descriptive word for Cora as she has decided to spontaneously refuse to take a bottle from the babysitter.  Thus, I have to come home during my lunch break to feed her.  Trust me, she knows what she is doing and Cora is winning this game.

At least now on some days she tends to be content for longer periods of time than before (still nowhere near the amount of time of other babies though).

Mt. Rushmore
Clearly not impressed with Mt. Rushmore

There is so much drool I usually go through about three bibs/bandanas a day with her.  The spitting up has lessened in volume but not in frequency of occurrence.

I am glad that I have been able to get Cora on a bit of a schedule now that we aren’t having to leave the house constantly for showings.  Plus, by 9:30 every night the girl is passed out and I can get boxes packed or work done.

Cora likes to put anything and everything in her mouth.  I haven’t felt any teeth poking through but she is a gnawing machine.  Cora gets extremely frustrated when something won’t go into her mouth like she wants it to.

Bath time is always enjoyable.  Cora loves to kick her legs in the water and the bath tends to calm her down.  I love our baby bathtub – it is super easy to transition it for use from newborn to baby to toddler.

You can always catch a rare smile from her during a bath.

With Alex being in Wisconsin we have been utilizing Skype a lot.  He has been grateful for the technology because it is fun to hear Cora talking away.  She has become very vocal (and loud) this past month.

Cora’s current favorite toys are this teething toy and her ball.  She smiles and gets very excited when Benny comes near her.  The girl still hates tummy time with a passion and has no intention of rolling over anytime soon.

Size Comparison


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