December Book Reads

December Book Reads

I’m sorry that I am super late in posting this month’s book reads, but life has been crazy.  Moving to a new house and trying to unpack with a mobile and curious baby has kept me busy.

Also, I’ve realized that these book posts need a rating system to help readers more quickly determine the books I actually liked.  Thanks for the suggestion!  Starting in January I promise to add some type of rating to each book I read in a month.

This month turned out to be awesome!! I loved all the books I read, I hope you enjoy them too.

Kitchens of the Great Midwest

Kitchens of the Great Midwest 

I was surprised at how good this book was.  The story revolves around a woman who has an amazing palate and loves to cook.  The book takes you from when she was born to middle age.  Each chapter is named after dishes that are served during a pop-up dinner the main character has become quite famous for.  The dishes each have a background story of a significant person in the chef’s life.  Trust me it is better than how I am explaining it.


The Last Ballad

A single mom of four lives in a shack and is barely making enough to put food in her kids’ mouths.  She works in a textile factory and the company basically uses its employees as slave labor, like most other mills in the area.  Union workers come down from the North to help the textile workers fight for a better life.  Racial prejudice, economic inequalities, and dirty cops all play a role in this true story.


The Rules of Magic

A prequel to one of my favorite movies “Practical Magic” (I never read the book- whoops).  The Owens family has always been cursed in love and the curse is bound to continue with the current three siblings/witches.  This book takes you through numerous decades following the three siblings lives through love, heartbreak, and magic.  The story ends at the point where the two sisters in “Practical Magic” are about to come live with their aunts.  The book was good but certainly doesn’t compare to “Practical Magic”.


The Night the Lights Went Out

After being cheated on by her husband with her daughter’s teacher, the main character moves to a rental house on the property of a old woman who is a known force of nature.  The two women end up forming a strong bond over time after hearing each other’s stories piece by piece.  Hoity-toity private school moms, a handsome handy man, and a murder are some of the major themes of this book.


P.S. I couldn’t get through Hamilton.  I tried, I did, but it was so boring.

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