Date Nights and a Dirty Thirty

The bar scene in the movie makes me laugh so hard!

One of the only benefits of not having the infant we so desperately yearn for is that Alex and I can go on date nights any time we want.

For Valentine’s Day, Alex was so sweet to buy us tickets to one of my all-time favorite movies “Yours, Mine, and Ours” (the original of course – I hate remakes).  The movie was being shown downtown at the Elks Movie Theater as part of the Nostalgia Night Film Series.  I have to admit we were probably the youngest couple in the theater but I just love the movie and the theater even provided a special program giving historical facts about the movie.  I had no idea the film was based on a true story.   I really enjoy learning the history and fun little tidbits about films.

Another night we drove with another couple to Deadwood to celebrate the boys’ birthdays.  I had never taken part in any of the weekend Prime Rib and Crab Legs buffets which are popular at the casinos so we thought we would try it out.

We arrived early to put our names on the waiting list for the buffet and naturally we gambled a little during our wait.  I have to say most casinos I’ve been in are just a little sad.  You see these elderly people playing the slot machines and the cocktail waitresses who have the ugliest uniforms on, it’s just not very classy.  Granted, I’ve never been to Vegas but I just don’t think it’s my scene.  I’d much rather play Sheepshead with my family sitting around a dining table.

The buffet I will say was delicious.  I only stuck to the crab legs because I’m not wasting precious stomach space on anything other than seafood (and desserts).  The meal got a little messy with all of us cracking crab legs everywhere but we left extremely satisfied.

For Alex’s actual birthday I made him an Oreo chocolate cake this year which met with pretty good reviews.    Alex’s mom and sister came that weekend to visit for Alex’s birthday and we enjoyed a meal at Botticelli’s, my favorite local Italian restaurant.  I let the ladies in on a little surprise I had planned for Alex’s 30th birthday so that they could help me get him to the party.

I had rented a suite at the Civic Center for a Rush hockey game.  I had our guests arrive early and told Alex that my boss had given me free tickets to a game that afternoon.  Luckily, Alex’s mom and sister played along saying they wanted to go to the game.

As we passed by the door to the suite, Alex recognized one of his friends and quickly realized the party was for him.  We enjoyed the food, drinks, and peanut butter chocolate cake by Smallcakes while catching up with our local friends.

Some of our long-distance friends were able to partake by sending me short video clips of them wishing Alex a happy birthday.  We really appreciate everyone who participated in Alex’s birthday celebration – he absolutely deserved it after the year we’ve had.

Other dates nights have been a little more low-key but just as enjoyable.  Dinner at Tally’s, watching the Academy Awards at home, enjoying a movie and sushi night, etc.  Anything that will keep us happy and a little distracted from the events that occurred this year.

(Originally published March 2, 2016)

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