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I love to read.  Reading is by far my favorite hobby.  I don’t go anywhere without my Kindle.

The best thing about reading is that you can entertain yourself for hours. Plus, it is a free activity!  I don’t buy books: I either use gift cards I’ve received as presents or I download books on my Kindle through my library account.  The library makes it so simple, why would anyone not take advantage of this amazing service?

The only downfall of getting my books through the library e-book collection is that there is often a waitlist for the most recent and popular books.  I am used to not being the most current person.  In regards to fashion, it always takes me a very long time to catch on to a trend (but this has served me well as I have evaded some god-awful fads – gauchos anyone?).

Therefore, my book recommendations will certainly not be the most updated lists out there.  These monthly book suggestions are for those who enjoy reading for pleasure and don’t have time to keep up the New York Times Best Sellers.

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The Girl on the Train

I am notThe Girl on the Train usually one to gravitate towards a thriller but my sister recommended this book and I quite enjoyed it.  The Girl on the Train is a very simple, fast read.  Most readers will guess what happened half way through the book but you will still want to finish it.

The basis of the story is an alcoholic woman becomes fairly obsessed with a idyllic couple she sees through the window of her train seat everyday.  One day the woman in the couple turns up missing in the news.  The alcoholic has some information she has gathered from her voyeristic activities that she thinks will help the police.

From there the main character manages to completely intertwine herself with the investigation but her memory blackouts aren’t helping.

Lilac Girls

Lilac GirlsA WWII story featuring three different narratives by girls in very different circumstances.

One is a New York socialite who volunteers at the French consulate and sends care packages to French orphans. Another is a Polish teenager sent to a concentration camp. Lastly, the third becomes a Nazi doctor working at a concentration camp.

All three stories end up connecting based around the Ravensbruck Rabbits – Polish women who were victims of medical experiments.

This novel is based on true events and I couldn’t put it down.

Big Little Lies

I haven’t sBig Little Lieseen the HBO series yet but I am definitely interested, especially with such an all-star cast.

Big Little Lies is another great Liane Moriarty novel.  The book features three woman and the playground politics of mothers in the same community.  You learn about each woman’s backstory in regards to their marriages, children, etc. 

All events culminate with Trivia Night during which someone dies. 


Circling the Sun

Another bCircling the Sunook based on a true story.  Circling the Sun follows the life of Beryl Markham from her childhood through her 20s.

Beryl is a very impressive woman who grows up in Kenya.  Beryl is quite the adventurer and becomes a famous horse trainer – the only woman in her field.   The reader learns of Beryl’s triumphs and failures in regards to her work and relationships.

Ultimately, Beryl becomes an aviator and the book concludes with her record-setting flight.


Personally, I would skip The Zookeeper’s Wife. I found it boring, read Lilac Girls instead.

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