Binge-Worthy Television Shows (Part II)

It gets dark so early during winter I find myself watching a lot more television than I should.  If you are like me and need a few recommendations for shows to get obsessed with I hope my list helps.

Image result for the crownThe Crown

Amazing!! What else can I say?  This Netflix series details the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.  The audience gets insight into the Queen’s impactful decisions both made both personally and publically.  You learn so much about Prince Philip, Princess Margaret, and the other major players in Queen Elizabeth’s life.  You know how much I love history, paired with royalty, romance, and a powerful woman – I’m hooked.  My only complaint is how long I have to wait for new episodes.


Image result for the good placeThe Good Place

I thought I would hate this show.  In fact, I didn’t really like the first episode.  Truly, I am not even sure now if I like it that much but I keep watching it and I’m not going to stop.  It’s a quirky show about a woman who, after dying, ends up in the “Good Place” when she definitely should have been going to the hotter place.  Her goal now is to stay there and fool everyone around her. A bunch of different characters including Ted Danson make this show really funny; my favorite character is the robotic assistant Janet.  It is forking good – you will get the reference once you watch the show.


Image result for life in piecesLife in Pieces

My current favorite family show.  Each episode is broken into four different segments and the storylines feature members from the same family.  I laugh so hard because many of the segments are extremely relatable.




Image result for girlfriends guide to divorceGirlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

A needed chick show on the list.  A woman very publically goes through a divorce hurting her career as a self-help author.  She needs to re-invent her image and the viewer is taken along through her trials and tribulations of divorce, dating, sex, friendship, etc.




Image result for anne with an eAnne with an E

A re-make I can actually stand.  I think this new version of Anne of Green Gables is wonderfully done so far.  The main character is a little annoying but she is supposed to be as a spunky orphaned girl.





Image result for glowGlow

Another show I am not sure if I really like but it becomes super addicting.  Based on a true story of women’s wrestling. Most of the women have never wrestled before and the director needs to get them to look good on television.  You start from the point of the girls auditioning, to practicing their rehearsed matches, to finally performing.




Image result for friends from collegeFriends from College

A group of friends, now in their 40s, are reconnecting. Shared past histories and a few shared partners can make the group feel a bit awkward at times.  Great casting really makes this program one to watch.





Image result for veepVeep

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is hilarious as the Vice President in this satirical comedy.





Image result for red oaksRed Oaks

A bunch of teenagers working at a country club in the 80s while trying to figure out their futures makes for an easy to watch show.  If you fall asleep during an episode it is not a problem.





Image result for spirit riding freeSpirit: Riding Free

I’m a mom now, okay?  Just because my daughter doesn’t even watch tv doesn’t mean I haven’t gotten myself hooked on a children’s show.  It is a cartoon about a girl who just moved to a small western town and has befriended a wild horse.  Each episode is about her adventures with her horse and friends.  Plus, the aunt’s name is Cora – I was meant to love this show!

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