Cora's onesie

We have some news to share . . . (*Hint* – Cora’s onesie)

We are moving to MADISON!!

Although very excited to move back to our college town, both Alex and I have had a lot of trepidation about this decision.

We’re ready for some Badger games! (picture circa 2009)

2017 has been good to us.  Alex passed his final exam, became a licensed Landscape Architect, and we had our sweet baby Cora.  Life is good and we were not looking to rock the boat.

A job opportunity in Madison, WI became known to Alex and he applied.  We didn’t think much of it knowing there would be other very qualified candidates for the job and we didn’t want to get our hopes up.

Shortly after interviewing Alex was offered the position.  After our initial shock, panic began to set in.

We’ll have to sell our home, buy a new home (if we can afford to), finish our jobs here (Alex by August 1st and me by the end of September), find a new job for me, move all of our stuff, and possibly be separated during some of this process.  Separated by a 12 hour car ride! Did I mention we have a newborn and a huge dog? I’m stressed.

Benny in a Badger blanket.
Benny has always wanted to move back to Madison.

Moving never seems to come at the right time.  Just when you are starting to feel really settled and things are going well something new hits you.

But if not now, when?

It is probably easier to move to a different state now before our child is mobile.  It makes sense to move now that I am no longer full-time at my job.  It is probably best to move now because a job like this doesn’t pop up often.

We will be so sad to leave our friends here in Rapid.  I will especially miss the girls I have gotten close to here.  In the five years we’ve lived in Rapid the girls in my group have all had weddings and babies – huge life events we’ve gone through together!

Rapid City has been good to us.  We love our home.  We have had great jobs and bosses!  We have enjoyed the outdoor recreation here.  That being said, I won’t miss the wind, the lack of lakes, nor the lack of emphasis placed on education.

Me and Alex
Madison, the early years . . . circa 2005?

I am so excited to live again by airports you can fly in and out of fairly cheaply.  I can’t wait to go to Door County! Having family nearby will be helpful with childcare but I am not looking forward to mosquitoes and traffic.

Wish us luck in the upcoming months!

P.S. We passed this news off as a Mother’s Day gift to our moms – I told you I was cheap.

P.P. S. Everyone said we would move back to Wisconsin right after we had a baby. This is NOT why we are moving back, it is just a coincidence.  I would have happily spent a few more years in Rapid raising Cora, this job just happened to come right after she was born.

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