9 Months Old

9 Months Old

I feel as if I have to constantly sleep train this girl over and over again.  This month Cora learned how to stand in her crib and putting her down to sleep is a nightmare.  She stands up, I go in and lay her back down.  She stands up, I go in and lay her back down.  Oh, and the whole time she cries. Not once has Cora laid herself down after standing up in her crib.  Bring out the Ferber method again.

This month also marked our move into our new house!  After many months living apart (except on weekends), tons of house-hunting, and increasing feelings of discouragement we finally found a house in the small city we had liked since June.  Unlike many of the houses we could afford in Madison we won’t outgrow this home in a few short years.  With a sizable backyard and an attached garage (what, what!!) I think we could be very happy here.  I have to say that unpacking and organizing with a very mobile and curious girl has not been going fast.

helping with laundry
“Do you need help with the laundry Mom?” “No? Can I climb inside the basket instead?”

A great advantage to being back in Wisconsin are the Christmas tree farms.  I have missed this tradition.  In South Dakota we could only buy a permit to go chop down a tree in the forest.  Trust me, those trees always looked crazy but it was a lot cheaper!

We tried Hann’s Christmas Tree Farm and were very impressed. There was an awesome play area for kids and wagon rides.  Everyone was incredibly nice and helpful.  The shop had ornaments, snacks, and cider.  Mr. and Mrs. Claus even made an appearance.  Next year I would go a few weekends earlier than we did because the selection was slim so close to Christmas. As usual, Ms. Cora didn’t crack a smile the whole time but we think she enjoyed being outside.

Picture with Santa.

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