8 Months Old

8 Months Old

Standing up with furniture

Cora is on the move.  The girl learned how to crawl expert-level in one day.  Now she crawls super fast to wherever Benny is and likes to pull his hair or tail.  Benny is miserable.  We try to barricade her in the living room but Cora still wants to go everywhere she is not supposed to – the fireplace, through the end table, the outlets, etc.  We are so ready to move into our new home and baby-proof immediately.

This month, I enjoyed my first night/weekend away from Cora.  Obviously, we missed her but with a baby like Cora you need a break every once and awhile for your sanity.

Alex and I at the wedding

We went to Alex’s sister’s wedding in Janesville.  Alex and I were both in the wedding so bringing Cora would have been a complete disaster.  The weather was absolutely amazing for October and the bride was stunning.

This month marked Cora’s first Halloween.  Normally I am not one for dressing up a baby (it’s not like she was going to trick or treat), but we were given a costume as a gift so we dressed her up for a trip to the pumpkin farm.  Alex and I had a great time.  We drank hot chocolate, went through the corn maze, picked out pumpkins, petted all the animals.  Cora never cracked a smile once – but she also didn’t cry so we consider the outing a win.

Then Alex and I were lucky to score some awesome tickets to the Monday night Packer football game.  My sister’s in-laws/my parents’ next door neighbors are the greatest!!  The weather was cold but we were plenty bundled up that we stayed for the whole game despite Aaron Rogers being out.

Spitting up
Still spitting up randomly

This was a busy month and the rest of the year will be even more chaotic.  Our little peanut sure keeps us on our toes.  It is crazy to think how much she has grown and changed since March.


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