7 Months Old

7 Months Old

Cora has been a trooper this month.  The poor thing has been dragged along to a lot of long house-hunting days.  One day we looked at nine houses! Keep in mind, each time we go to Madison it means a total of three additional hours in the car as well.

Cora in pajamas.
Go Badgers!
Cora’s absolute favorite teether.

We are so thankful that Cora is now a lot more content during the day.  Baby girl is on a regular nap schedule and plays with her toys much longer than before.  Teething does seem to throw her for a loop though.  I think when a baby has a predisposition to fussiness any little change can really set her off.

As long as Cora is in the mood she will eat anything I whip up for her; sweet potatoes, green beans, squash, pears, you name it.  Often she will lean very far over her tray to gobble up the next bite.

I make all the baby food myself except for prunes and carrots.  After a little research I didn’t want to risk making baby food carrots myself (Nitrates).  I love these storage containers and you certainly don’t need a special baby food maker, any food processor will do.

Baby food storage

On a side note – Cora has taken the transition to Wisconsin much better than poor Benny.  Snowbeast has a ton of anxiety, allergies, and is getting more pills each day than the entire family combined.  Hopefully once we have a house and Alex is back living with us full-time Benny will feel better.

Taking a walk.
It was cold the first week in Wisconsin.

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