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Daily Archives: December 20, 2016

Christmas Movie List

This year the holidays seem to be sneaking up on me quicker than ever before.  I blame the foot of snow we currently have and the freezing temperatures we’ve had all week.  Usually, I like to take one holiday at a time.  I am not a fan of Christmas decorations being out before Thanksgiving.  But “Holiday Inn” was recently playing on television and it got this Grinch in the holiday mood.

I decided to compile a list of my favorite holiday movies to refer to instead of just watching whichever title happens to be playing that evening.  You’ll notice a few films missing from my list that everyone else would include.  I also didn’t rank the movies but instead divided them into categories because I like a lot of variety in my viewing pleasure.  If I watch a classic one night, I like to pick from another category the next night.

I hope you enjoy my list:

Happy Halloween

Halloween was always a big deal when we attended UW-Madison.  The holiday consisted of going out Friday in costume, going to the football game Saturday morning, and then going out again Saturday night.  Basically, a full non-stop weekend of drinking and craziness – we were lucky to survive.

Now, we are a little older, our tolerance levels are a lot lower, and my body can’t pull off the slutty costumes like it used to. Never the less we still had a good time.

Halloween 2007
Halloween 2007

Harney Peak Hike

*UPDATE – Now known as Black Elk Peak*

This summer we didn’t hike or camp as much as we usually do – maybe our wedding had something to do with this?  Alex and I decided that we needed to squeeze in at least one camping trip before summer ended so we headed over to Custer State Park.