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Daily Archives: December 12, 2016

October Blizzard (yes, that’s right OCTOBER)

This weekend was certainly an interesting one.  All week my students kept saying that we would have a snow day on Friday because of all the snow that we were predicted to get.  As usual, I responded to the students by saying that weather-people are often wrong and to make sure they do their homework because we will probably have school.


Farewell to Summer

This, by far, is my saddest time of year; summer is ending and it’s back to reality. The last couple of weeks of summer were busy with friends, family, and work.

Door County

Door County, Wisconsin has been one of my favorite places in the whole world since childhood.  Door County is so special to me and my husband we even got married there!

The peninsula is very unique in the fact that there are no chains.  You won’t find a McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc. anywhere – a feature I adore and I hope this standard lasts forever.

Door Country truly is the “Cape Cod of the Midwest”.  There is so much to do in Door County for all ages and all types of vacations.

Below is just a brief list of my ultimate Door County favorites.  Trust me, there will be more Door County posts in the future because I can’t even begin to cover this little piece of paradise.