2 Months Old

2 Months Old

Our little girl is now two months old . . . and she’s colicky.

I remember taking Cora on a walk in the stroller with my mom the week after she was born.  We heard a baby screaming at the top of its lungs inside a house we strolled by.  I mentioned how grateful I was that Cora didn’t have colic, I should have bit my tongue.

2 months old
Our little grump.

Cora is upset EVERY SINGLE EVENING from about 5:00 pm – 11:30 pm.  She has to be jiggled constantly.  It would be one thing if Cora allowed us to sit down as we bounce her, but she insists on being walked around or vigorously bounced on an exercise ball.  It is exhausting.

Unless she is sleeping or eating Cora would be described as a grump at the best of times.

bottle feeding
Cora’s first bottle

To add to the frustration of trying to always calm our baby down at night, she fights taking a bottle.  I go back to work next Saturday and Cora will have to take multiple bottles from Alex if she wants to eat.  We’ve been trying to have Alex give her a bottle a day since she turned a month old thinking that by the time my maternity leave ended she’d be a bottle-feeding pro.

The first bottle ever went wonderfully!  Alex was a champ doing paced-feeding like all my research had told us to do.  Since that initial bottle Cora has screamed and fought the bottle every time.  She is not an easy baby.

Speaking of feeding, our doctor has labeled Cora a “happy spitter”.  Basically, she throws up an entire feeding on average once a day.  This is not your typical baby spit-up.  This is waves of vomit, often with some force behind it.  About once a day I have a lap or cleavage full of regurgitated breastmilk (yummy, I know).

I am grateful that she is healthy (I don’t take that for granted).  We are so blessed that after putting Cora down at 11:30 each night she sleeps for 4-6 hours.  For two nights she even slept 7 hours!  But man, this baby needs to get happy soon.

P.S. Mother’s Day was wonderful.  After I did the weed-and-feed for the entire lawn (Alex managed to sprain his ankle again), we went to a local park for a cute picnic and short walk.


Mother's Day
Mother’s Day

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