1 Month Old

One Month Old

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I can’t believe Cora is already a month old.  Time is going way too fast for me but I will enjoy when she sleeps longer during the night.

So far, Cora hates diaper changes but is now liking baths.  I don’t regret buying cloth diapers at all.  The diapers are so cute, hold in blow-outs much better than disposables, and I’m saving money!  I have yet to use the cloth wipes because I want to use up the plastic liners in my diaper pail first.

Currently, Cora switches from having a great day and night to having a horribly fussy day and night.  There haven’t been very many in-between scenarios.

She loves the Rock ‘n Play for napping and even sleeping.  We think the incline helps with digestion.  Cora has slept a few nights completely flat on her back in the cradle but the Rock ‘n Play allows for a much more restful night.

When Daddy dresses you your pants may be put on backwards.

Cora definitely fits in all her newborn clothes.  I am glad we’ll get some use out of them; I have a lot of friends with babies that were born so big all of their newborn clothes were never worn.

Besides the doctor and stroller walks we have ventured out once as a family.  We took Cora grocery shopping and it went surprisingly well.  Since she hasn’t had her vaccines yet I didn’t want strangers touching or breathing on her so I wore the Boba Wrap.  It worked so well.  I wrapped myself at home and once we arrived at the store was able to easily tuck her in.  No big car seat to carry in the store, my hands were free to shop, and Cora was fairly safe from germs.

Can’t wait to see how Cora will develop next month!

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